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SST Financial
Phone Call Harassment

SST is the company that bought all of Wells Fargo's personal loans a couple of years ago. I used to make payments, but if you were even a day late making that payment the phone calls started. I ended up getting about 10-15 calls a day - which I stopped answering. I now don't have the means to pay ...

Beyond Frustrated

Last year I reactivated 3 lines, I paid up the capital and paid the deposit, i even bought 3 sim cards. 2 lines were reactivated and i gave up trying to get the third one. When I reactivated the lines I was told there was 7 months, 8 months and 10 months let on the contracts respectively. I had ...

Bell Canada
False contract charges

We have been using Bell for our internet since 2005, we called to cancel today, and they are trying to claim we are in a contract because we 'clicked on a pop up on our computer last June' that apparently bound us in a one year contract. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. We even have pop ups blocked on our work ...