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I've been reading others complaints on here & am not surprised.

Just wish I knew about this website before I ordered from this scam artist.

It's a bit comforting knowing I'm not the only one who hasn't received the items they ordered from this company. Though I may be the only one who has waited over a year!!

I placed my order online a year ago... 5/24/10 to be exact.

I actually received 1 of 3 items in June 2010 then nothing after that.

I left numerous voice-mails & emails though he only responded by email a few times (I got 3 emails from him to be exact). In fact in quotations below are the emails he wrote me.

This is exactly what he finally wrote to me in Dec 2010:

"Sorry for the missed phone calls. I can’t get this order at this time. I know I can get both pieces from my Quebec supplier and I am working on a smaller order for January and have written you down for it. I just can’t get it right now though, sorry my company has not recovered to be able to make the order. If you can not wait I can get a money order for you instead. Let me know"

He actually was nice enuff to send me another email in Dec 2010:

"The issue was I had a 7 grand order in with the supplier, that was too much, I could not pay it. I am gonna make a smaller order this time one I can afford to pay on one of my payouts then work on the other stuff the months after. I will do what I can to get this for January. Sorry"

Then the last email he sent me was Jan 2011:

"I still can not get an order from this supplier. I have not been able to, my local suppliers keep eating all the money up so an order with Hightimes is still impossible for me. I hope to have my wholesale going again soon, if the merchant processor I applied to work outs this week and then I can possible make an order but for now, a small order will be made with HighTimes in Febuary. I have written you down for this small order so if all goes well I will have it then. Sorry but my company was hit hard and I don’t have a magical bank account to save it so, I have eliminated my business partner and his lack of doing anything to bring in money so I am making more money now and hopefully get this order done soon"

So how are ANY of your excuses my fault?!? I don't are what excuses you have.

Excuses are like A-Holes... everyone has one, including you Roll Guy.

He NEVER returned any of my numerous voice-mails I left him & the very few times he did answer the phone he always told me the same lies & would always give me his word that "next month" he would be able to send me the rest of my order.

He is more than willing to take our money but can't fulfill what we paid for.

I think I've been more than patient, in fact this is ridiculous already, nothing he says can be trusted, his word is nothing. Seriously, a year later & still the same story?

If you can't fulfill prior customers orders, WHY do you keep taking new orders?

I notice this Roll guy always writes a follow-up to everyones complaints & likes to tell everyone about his pity party w/himself.

I've filed a complaint w/the BBB of Canada as well as emailed the Attorney General in BC.

Whatever Roll writes here in response to my complaint... don't believe it.

How can he respond to complaints on here by saying he sent so & so their product & they're happy w/it if he doesn't even know the name or order# these complaints belong to?

If I ever get my money back or the rest of my order I will write a follow-up.

I hope my story will prevent this from happening to others & keep you from giving your hard earned money to this scammer!



Company: Rollies

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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