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LDS Church

December 12, 2010

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Re: Membership Status

I, Cathy R. Croizier, do hereby excommunicate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from my spiritual, personal and religious relationship with God, my Creator; Christ, my Saviour; and the Holy Spirit. My divine inspiration and guidance observed the failure of said church to fulfil it's responsibilities as directed by covenants made in HIS name. Community comes after the church in priority, not the world with hungry still in your 'community'.

Exceeding, but not limited to, the non-disclosure of numerous alterations and adulterations to the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible as re-written by the Church under the direction of Joseph Smith, and omissions of this information to a brain damaged person seeking true Christianity believing this was, as indicated, the true King James Version. (False representation, manipulation and extortion).

“Many of the Saints were Masons, such as Joseph's brother Hyrum, Heber C. Kimball, Elijah Fordham, Newel K. Whitney, James Adams, and John C. Bennett. These members called attention to the spirit of brotherhood and brotherly love which are the foundations of Masonic fraternity and which characterize Masonic activities: -- as, for example, from this writer, “ - by Elder John A. Widtsoe (Satanic Rituals: Smith was a Master Mason – indicting he knew about the ritual symbols and influence. LDS Church is the 2nd largest BANKING institution in the US.)

Claiming to be part owners of land in Israel over the convenient use of the graves of two poor missionaries. (Fraud for Fame – shame. Example of church ethics. Document provided by the church available as was given to me.)

Church priorities according to scripture were violated during the manipulation of my belongings from a full sized, long term locker to a very small, temporary locker creating great damage to valuable antiques, respectable furniture damaged or stolen and replacements offered that were never followed on causing me great expense. Repairs were never offered being contradicting to the courtesy and Christian code of Honour. One small corner unit provided in exchange for Valuables taken. I now live in squalor after going 5 and a half years of brain damage without loosing or damaging things to the degree suffered this summer. (Theft, abuse and disrespectful negligence. Itemized Invoice attached.)

This is gross mistreatment of the disabled with no reparation, restitution or representation to the offenders. (Negligence, condoning theft)

The above behaviours are as far from Christ-like as I have seen (an observation). In the weeks following the manipulation, theft and damage to my entire home and abandonment ensuing there was no acknowledgement of the misdeeds by the administration of the church. Therefore, I renounce your validation as a member in good standing with the God. You are no longer a church, but an institution of money that has destroyed my home and belongings (and how many others), therefore your satanic and masonic foundations are denied credibility as a house of GOD and your temples revealed as towers of Babel.

In the Name of God and Christ the Son.

The first day [Joseph Smith] he joined [the Freemasons] he obtained the "sublime degree", that is the highest degree in his masonic branch, the temple ritual are derived from masonry directly, he also used the "Jupiter´s talisman" until the day of his assassination, that talisman is extremely powerful for the user, even the mormon garments have the symbol of the grand architect of the universe on it, mormonism is derived from masonry directly.

Source (s):

Joseph Smith journals, book "history of the church", Emma Smith.

“Sublime Degree” is 11 Degree Master Mason according to the structure of Freemasonry.


Company: LDS Church

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Religion, Society, Culture


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