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Total frustration

A VIDEOTRON contracted technician short circuited my illico box, hdmi wire and tv. I have been totally frustrated in dealing with their customer services department for over a month now (cannot talk to anyone in authority). Their excuse is totally bogus, their website for complaints is ...

Terrible experience

I bought a 37 inch LCD TV about 14 months ago. As of recent I had no complaints, however the plastic see-through membrane has started to crack in several areas and Toshiba is not even willing to look at it. This is obvious a defect as nothing has come in contact with the screen except for a LCD ...

Canadian Tire
Screen does not work

I had purchased a DVD player in April and have used it 3 times. It has worked fine up until now(as little as we used it). The one screen now will not play a movie as it only has lines through it. I brought the DVD player back in it's original packaging with the receipt and just wanting to exchange ...