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DVD Media Star

Take my advice--save your hard-earned money and DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM DVD MEDIA STAR. I ordered a DVD collection of the Mission Impossible series (for $98.00) and never received any merchandise. I only received a $98.00 debit to my credit card. I have contacted them numerous time informing ...

Blue Ray Playe

A blue ray player that did not last through 10 DVD's. I bought a brand new Blue ray Player from samsung 499 plus taxes, plus a 150 $ HDMI cable, which the future shop sales rep talked me into buying. Since I have a 46 Inch Samsung LCD TV at home, he told me it would be perfect. So I paid lousy ...

Sun java microsystem

Why pogo asking me to install sun java . Has soon I insall sun java all the game are loading very slow also playing all game very slow. To fix my problem I have to remove sun java then reinstall microsoft VM java Lucky for me I still have a installation file for VM java . One more think I like to ...