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Jenna astrologer

I was almost sucked in to this scam artist. I doubt the picture is even legitimate. I have received about 10 emails now over past 6 months. Every time she states she will leave me alone as my response for her help is ignored, I get yet another one a few weeks later. Letters are all the same as ...


I'm living in Thornhill, Ontario my next door neighbor is really bad at take caring thier lawn it's hard to see grass since they are all weeds i don't know where/how to report this it is really annoying please email to me if u know any website that i can go into and report my complain ...

Selling Lighters

I went up to the register and started to pay for my stuff when my 5 year old daughter grabbed a lighter off the counter... You tell me what is wrong with this picture. I tried to have lunch with my daughter the other day and wanted to take her and eat at Smitty's on the patio. They told me my ...