Complaint / review / scam report
Trevor Goble
Harassment, Defamation of Carachter, Harassment of Seniors

It has come to our attention that Trevor Goble (also known under many different aliases) is now reaching out to employees of a local community centre and spreading lies about its management team and other employees. Despite having more than 5 open investigations on him regarding this matter, that has not stopped Mr. Goble from going as far as harassing senior citizens, parking outside employees houses, and spreading hurtful words, clearly intended as defamation the character of the parties involved.

If you yourself have heard anything about Onyx Community Services, Brian (Bryan) Markle or any associated parties, please immediately contact :

James Moak
Licensed Legal Professional
(613) 937-0347


Paolo Giancaterino | LMS Lawyers
Partner | Civil Law | Civil Litigation | Real Estate
(613) 230-5787 ext. 306
Author: The Toothless Truth Teller

Offender: Trevor Goble

Country: Canada

Category: People


lol July 10, 2021 8:45 PM
Brian Markle (or should I say Pastor Brian Markle or Pastor Bryan Markel) is a person who shrouds himself behind various names and titles (Which flavour is it today? Chaplain? Reverend? Pretty soon you'll be claiming Bishop. Are you the Pope yet?). Ask yourself this question, why would a man of the “cloth” have to use a variety of names?

I know you are hoping people will come forward in support of you, but many won’t support your actions. Already, many of your past and current staff members are coming forward without us seeking them out.

You and your cohorts keeping filing false police reports claiming “harassment” or “stalking” but filing a false report is public mischief and subject to criminal charges. Brian may not be actually writing these comments, but he has a hand in it but getting others to do his bidding. Marie Pyper, the Executive Director of Onyx Community Services is a prime example of someone that he has asked to call the police and claim “harassment”.

Just like this “complaint”, a mass email was posted calling someone a “fraudster”, which is a term that Brian Markle uses all the time. I guess he would know, right? Everyone has a style in writing, and it wasn’t difficult to know who was behind this particular publication.

Serving legal documents is not harassment (it's called "due process") and you should know this since you have been served by many people. You think you are always “one step ahead of everyone” when you are actually so behind because you are predictable.

I don’t think “I’m rubber and your glue” is a defence but I am no lawyer (how about "liar liar, pants on fire?" That's not a defense either). Accusing others of what you are doing is nothing new. It was a tactic that Germans used back in WW2. It didn’t work then, and it is certainly not going to work now.

Face it - Your credibility is nonexistent. Look at you, you're desperate. And you're only attacking one of the two parties - the one you have a personal grudge with. You even have a picture of him in your office. You're so desperate to get rid of him that nobody's even addressing the facts. Well done! Gold star to you.

But here's a question: Why are you so worried about him?
After all, if he is what you claim then it shouldn’t be an issue, right?

I get it though. It's only a crime when other people do it, not when you do it. Nothing you do can ever be wrong and it's always the next person. So if that is true, why is it only you use various names in the community? I am certain no one told you or forced you to use various names. It is funny when I read “Markle Cleared” yet they reference you using names or you are no saint. Yep, using other names to prop yourself up again, Brian.

By the way, I'm sure a senior partner in a reputable law firm would love to know he's being dragged into this, again. Did you get his permission before using his name? You know you have to do that, right?

For once in your life, stop committing crimes and be honest or you'll be spending the rest of your life behind bars.
Trevor Goble July 10, 2021 10:33 PM
I wasn't going to respond to this message initially as it is a clear attempt to sway from the truth or facts. Once again a matter involving Brian Markle who works at Onyx Community Services has opted to spread false and misleading information.

Currently there is a civil litigation matter before the courts where claims have been made and with each claim supporting evidence supporting the belief. It is up to a Judge to decide based upon the evidence.

One can reach out to employees in order to secure witness to specific conducts or may be able to share information pertaining to the case. Have we reached out to employees, no but has employees reached out to us, absolutely.

It has also been claimed there is 5 active investigations however, that is not true either. A director of the company kept filing harassment charges for whatever reason for which I have never met or spoke to the person. In each instance the police did call me and once we spoke the matters where closed. In fact, the police are now looking at those who filed the reports. So are they open, maybe but not against myself.

Have we parked outside an employees house, yes but only to serve legal documents and then we left. In one situation the Ottawa Police escorted us on the property in order to keep the peace.

Have we harassed senior citizens, no. A corporation is not a person and the parties involved only one is a senior citizen who is a defendant. Apparently being served a lawsuit was considered harassment according to the senior citizen who again I never met or spoke to. In fact, we waited until that person left from another defendant's residence in order not to create a situation where the police where called under the guise we were harassing and stalking the person. As things were wrapping up the person came outside and starting taking pictures of everything (Does this sound like harassment?)

Defamation of the parties...this complaint should tell you who is harassing and who is trying to discredit someone by false information and misrepresentation of the facts.

It has also been claimed I used various alias's but nowhere has my name charged. The same can't be said by Brian Markle, Bryan Markle, Pastor Brian Markle, Pastor Bryan Markle, Chaplain Bryan Merkel, Reverend Bryan Markle....(I think you get it).

I will openly admit I have done things in my past I am not proud of but one can either learn and move forward or continue on the same path. I have opted to learn, embrace my past, be transparent (no mater the cost), and be open about my past. This way people know who I am, who they are dealing with and not let my past define me as a person. I have since went to College, graduate and currently taking other studies to better myself and more more productive in the community. I volunteer my time in helping others and do what I can in the community. A community that has given me a second lease on life. It took me a few years to prove myself and that's okay as I should have to prove my change beyond words.

It is things like this that sets things back but instead of hiding I opt to stand in front of it. You be the Judge as we are all entitled to an opinion without ridicule.
lol July 10, 2021 10:43 PM
definition of "community center": a place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational, or recreational activities

Onyx Community Services is most definitely NOT a community centre, since it's been closed for the past two months, nor has it ever been.
Just because "a few" social things have taken place there does not make it a community centre.

Nice try though.

If he uses various aliases, I'm sure you wouldn't mind naming them. Go on then, indulge us.

If what is being claimed is fact, whether or not it's "hurtful" is irrelevant. Courts tend to like these little things called facts.

Writing things like this to affect a court case is only going to bite you in the asses later. This reeks of desperation.
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