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Telus called us from the following line, 604-310-2255 They called as following time to us, 2010-08-13 7:18pm 2010-08-16 8:47pm 2010-08-17 6:16pm 2010-08-19 3:12pm 2010-08-20 4:19pm 2010-08-21 2:25pm 2010-08-24 2:40pm 2010-08-25 12:18pm My husband told them to stop calling us ...


I have been a member from Oct 2009, and I can not promote this company, as I have been trying to book by free 6 night FREE hotel since may 2010, and their portal has been down. You spend 90 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone, and all they say is that the portal will be up next week, I had ...

Reader's Digest
Fake lottery

I received a notice from Readers Digest saying I might of won a lottery and wanted all of yy personal information, Social Security number, D.O.B etc. This was mailed from Canada. I did not feel this was legitamate and was a ploy to get my personal information for illlegitamate reasons. ...