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Warranty and Tech Support

I bought a HP mini laptop online through Future shop and received in within a week and in that week the laptop had errors stating that files are missing or corrupt. I called HP support and they explained to me that it was out of warranty... I just received this laptop! So I bought an extended ...

Speedy couriers

This number called me and left a message about a package they had for me from a city where my mom lives so i assumed it was from her and gave them my address, no package was delivered and when i called the number back several times no response .. then a few days later someone i barely know and ...

Triton Global
Charges on phone calls

I got my phone bill and was double charged, one provider gave access code when dialing out which was correct but triton Global charge me for the same phone calls . When I phoned them they said they were a correctional facility provider so how could have made those phone calls if they didn't give me ...