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Rogers Communications
Unauthorized charges

Rogers SMS fleecing For 3rd time in 2 months I have requested stops to my sms charges from Mobile Messaging guessology. I called both Rogers and M.M. today 22 July and STOPPED again. I got 3rd TM today - 54354 - after stopping again today. Their (MM) escalated no is 18888466939. Yet even though I ...

Making crime legal

I have a cell phone from Bell on a 3 year contract, the phone quit working twice in the first 16 months. The 1st time was on warranty, the second time was not. Now to cancel my contract = $400 (20 months/$20/month) or I could outright buy a new phone (min. $250) or I could EXTEND my already useless ...

Skill 2 thrill trivia

I was billed twice for my cell phone by this company whitout using their service: May 04/2011 - $ 21.00 May 15/2011 - $18.00 When inquired with my provider Rogers, I was told that I have to reach them and to ask them to stop the service, because they are just charging for a Third Party. Today I was ...