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Unauthorized charges

I received 2 months of unauthorised charges on my Roger bill. This company sends you 1 text per week asking some trivia about music. I have replyed to it with REMOVE on 3 occasions. Never answered their questions and was charged $20/month for the last 2 month. Unfortunatey, I did not catch it ...

R&D Media
R&D Media Ripoff

I received a charge of $28.00 on my wireless phone bill from Rogers in November, 2011 for third party charges. It is a charge from a scam company called R&D Media for text messages that I never signed up for nor agreed to. Rogers was good enough to cancel the charges after I tried to call ...

Wrongful longdistance charges

So I will add my complaint to the rest. And this is coming from a person who used to love fido. They were so much better before Rogers took over. Anyway the issue was long distance charges. I had set a prepaid long distance plan through G3 telecom. You call a local number then dial long distance. I ...