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The Doorway to Stress Relief
Employment of a criminal

To all board members, staff, community partners, and donors, current and prospective;

The Doorway to Stress Relief under the direction of Claude Laurin has knowingly had in its employ sociopathic serial con artist Brian Matthew Alexander Markle; AKA Brian Markle, Alex Markle, and Matthew Markle. There are already posts on Complaints Board and rip off report about this person. However, I will share everything I know about this man to share with you the neglect the executive director has had for the vulnerable clientele this organization serves.

"Brian" (It still feels weird calling him that because I always knew him as Alex) posted an ad on craigslist looking for new friends. Upon first meeting him, he was extremely paranoid about people being after him for his money. As I now know, any money he has he spends and has no reason to worry about people trying to take advantage of him for his money. I stupidly told him that I would never try to do that because I had my own money. I admit to being very naive in actually seriously considering what he had to say at one point after that. He approached me with an "investment opportunity" of sorts, to start a modelling agency. If you search his name (s) you will find many other reports about his scams in modelling. He did not directly ask me for a sum of money but convinced me gradually to pay money for certain things. Part of his ruse to make me believe that he had connections in the industry was he had fraudulently invented a company and corresponded with me through e-mail addresses he created in the names of other people. In the end he took me for $20, 000. He knew I inherited this money from my late father, the loss of whom I was still struggling with. Throughout this entire ruse, Brian fraudulently operated under a business name registered to another person, corresponded from e-mail accounts in the names of fictitious people, bounced a cheque into my bank account for $1000 after taking the money in cash from me, did the same thing to someone else who has MS and who had recently gotten out of bankruptcy, fraudulently registered a vehicle to a cancelled business license and changed the ownership on it without consent in order to steal it in the end, and fraudulently withdrew money from a business bank account. As part of his ruse he continued to lie about property and assets he owned, fictitious family members, and fictitious professional experience he had had in the past and currently had.

I am not surprised that Brian has found a way to convince The Doorway to Stress Relief to keep him in his employ because he is an extremely good actor and, as a sociopath, he is not capable of the empathy necessary to keep from deceiving people and harming them in the end. I have confirmation that following a conviction in criminal court he saw a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Ward at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. For those who do not know, forensic psychiatrists see patients whose crimes were influenced by poor mental health.

To my surprise, Claude Laurin was and is fully aware of Brian’s criminal activity and has taken no action since I informed him of the above details. I offered to him to show him the evidence I have against Brian but he is not interested. Brian is a “volunteer” at the Doorway to Stress Relief, not a not-for-profit but a business. Part of Brian’s scheme with me and others at the time was to “volunteer” with the company he and I created with a third partner in order to have liabilities paid off externally instead of receiving a tangible paycheque. I would not be surprised if Brian currently has this arrangement with the Doorway to Stress Relief and I have considered calling in an anonymous tip to the Canada Revenue Agency to investigate the possibility that they are hiding income from the government in this way.

All of the evidence I have against Brian requires commentary and as such I will await to be contacted in order to make arrangements to share this information. I have created an anonymous e-mail account and a toll-free number where I can be reached about this matter.

In light of the trauma I suffered as a result of Brian’s scheme, especially my having lived with intellectual disability since my father’s passing, I was hoping I would be able to negotiate with the Doorway to Stress Relief to ensure that I would not have to see him where I work in the community, at PTS. However, Claude Laurin has had no regard for the potential damage Brian can have to either PTS or the Doorway to Stress Relief or to their clienteles.

I will shortly be searching for a higher authority to whom to direct information about the misconduct of both Brian and Claude. However, if someone in the community would be willing to provide that information it would help me a lot.

I greatly appreciate any help or support I may receive from the community in squashing this monster in my life once and for all in order to find peace.

Thank-you for reading and have a great day.

Please contact me by e-mail at [email protected] or 1.888.881.6573


Company: The Doorway to Stress Relief

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: Miscellaneous


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