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Codina international
Earlier Complaint Posted on Site

I wish to complain against the alleged victim who posted a complaint against Ms. Codina and Codina International earlier today. Whoever is behind this posting should be ashamed of themselves. This is obviously either a competitor or someone who is on a vendetta to slander and harm both Ms. Codina and Codina International. I am a retired civil servant and professional engineer and was employed by the Government of Canada for many years. I have known Ms. Codina for some decades and have been a resident of Ottawa for more than 40 years. During that time, Ms. Codina articled with the law offices of Stikeman, Elliott, in Ottawa, and also worked as assistant to Parliamentary counsel, Mr. Joseph Maingot, where she was involved in the drafting of legislation for the House of Commons, and was the author of an article on the Law Reform Commission of Canada which appeared in the Inter-Parliamentary Bulletin, a publication that is distributed in all of the democratically-elected parliaments of the world. During that period, Ms. Codina also worked with the Privy Council Office and the then Department of External Affairs and acted as press and liaison officer during the first Economic Summit of the G-7, which took place in Ottawa. She was responsible for escorting heads of state, including British Prime Minister Thatcher, and French President Mitterand, and the foreign delegations at the summit. Ms. Codina was also employed with the legal department of the Canadian Transportation Commission, and the Department of Justice where she worked as legal researcher, and was legal assistant to several judges (i.e., Judge Guy Goulard, Judge Marin, Judge Beaulne), including Crown Attorney Louise Charron who is currently a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The information contained in the links referenced on this site is inaccurate, false, slanderous, and out-of-date, and should not reflect upon the integrity of Ms. Codina's character. I have attached Ms. Codina's resume and profile detailing her background. I believe that the references set out therein should suffice to counter any doubts in this respect. Over the several decades of our acquaintance I visited regularly the offices of Codina International in both Canada and the United States and can attest to the high level of professionalism and service provided to clients of the firm. What the posting fails to indicate is that the judgment which was overturned by the New York Court of Appeals was initially obtained by perjured evidence of Richard Friedman, an investigator with the New York State Attorney General's Office. It also fails to indicate that the article which appears in the link from the New York State Attorney General's Media Center has continued to be published in the internet for more than 10 years after the judgment was overturned, thus, establishing actual malice and defamation on the part of the New York State Attorney General's Office.

Eliot Spitzer is currently being sued for $90 million over a column he wrote for Slate. William Gilman and Edward McNenney, two former Marsh executives, filed separate suits against Spitzer, claiming that they were libeled by the column. Both were among the eight Marsh employees convicted on antitrust charges, but those convictions were overturned three months before Spitzer's column appeared. I refer the reader to the following link on the current lawsuit against Spitzer - Ms. Codina is attempting to join forces with both of these plaintiffs to sue Eliot Spitzer and the New York State Attorney General's Office over the slanderous article referred to in this posting.

I also direct the reader's attention to such prominent publications as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the New York Daily News, which published, even before his encounter with the escort agency that ended his gubernatorial career, highly critical articles of Eliot Spitzer's prosecutorial conduct in criminalizing widely accepted business practices and convicting hundreds of corporate executives and prominent individuals of fraud when in fact no laws had been broken. The Wall Street Journal's editorial columns have also carried highly denunciatory articles about Spitzer's practices, including his intimidation techniques which disrupted and destabilized numerous entities such as AIG which ultimately cost U.S. authorities 180 billion dollars. These articles are but a few of such accounts. If anyone has any further questions, I would be happy to receive them.

Jack Miller, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Ottawa, Ontario

[email protected]


LANGUAGES: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,

German, Greek, Italian


1. Ontario Bar Admission Course - 1983

Called to the Bar – April, 1983

2. University of Ottawa – 1978-1981

LL.B. – Bachelor of Laws – Bilingual Common-Law Program

3. University of Ottawa – 1982

Institute for International Development and Co-operation

Diploma in International Cooperation

4. McMaster University – 1977-1978

Double Honours Political Science & Philosophy

5. Cégep du Vieux Montréal – 1975-1977

Diplome D’Etudes Collégiales

Philosophy Major

6. Scott Park Secondary – 1971-1975

High School Diploma

7. Greek Language School

Greek Language Diploma

8. German Language School

German Language Diploma

9. Spanish Language School

Spanish Language Diploma

10. Royal Conservatory of Music

Work experience:

IPI Publishing Limited

Writer 1983

Writing of a French Book on Constitutional Law

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Bureau of Management Consultants

Consultant 1983

Consulting on termination of projects of international scope

Deputy Minister of Finance - Department of Finance

Correspondence Officer 1982

Responsible for incoming and outgoing correspondence

and press for the Deputy Minister

Stikemann, Elliott

Barristers and Solicitors

Principal: Mr. G.Kane

Articling 1981-1982

Type of work: administrative-regulatory and communications law; corporate-commercial law; editing of the Regulatory Reporter (CRTC); Arctic Pilot Project – exploration of gas in the Arctic - National Energy Board Hearings – attendance and reporting on the hearings; research in administrative law, human rights and transportation matters; research in labour law;writing article “Regulation of Transportation in Canada” for the Enterpriser magazine; Gas Export Hearings – National Energy Board; Drafting of legal opinions – memoranda.

Canadian Transport Commission - Legal Services Division

Type of work: research in Air Transport, Railway Transport, Water Transport; National Transportation Act; Research and analysis of Air Carrier regulations; Air Transportation Act; editing 1981 Canadian Transport Commission report; representing the CTC in court (i.e. Federal Court of Appeal – Air Canada v. Canadian Human Rights Commission ); attending and reporting on Mississauga Rail Derailment Hearings.

Honeywell, Pascoe, Garay &Stel

Barristers and Solicitors

Type of work: -insurance law; administration of estates; - real estate (closing real estate transactions, 40 years searches etc.); litigation; family law and Criminal Law; Attending court; representing clients; corporate-commercial law; drafting of writs, statements of claim, statements of defence. 1981

Canadian Transport Commission Legal Services Division

Legal Assistant to Mr. G.W.Nadeau - General Counsel;

Research in administrative law, regulations; drafting of legal opinions on different areas of the law. May-September, 1981.

Special Examiner’s Office County of Ottawa-Carleton

Interpreter: interpretation during “discoveries” – pretrial; translation of documents – i.e. birth certificates; languages employed – French, Spanish, Greek, English. Portuguese, Italian, German. 1980-1983

Law firms in the City of Ottawa

Freelance interpretation and translation

Parliamentary Counsel and Clerk of the House of Common-Mr. Joseph Maingot

Legal Assistant: research in the field of legislative drafting, proofreading of text on Parliamentary Process (published by Mr. J. Maingot 1982) Research and writing of article “The Law Reform Commission of Canada”

published internationally in the Inter-Parliamentary Bulletin. 1980

The Honourable Justice G.Goulard

Department of Justice and Ontario Family Court Legal Researcher:

Research in family law; building –up family law course taught by the Honourable G. Goulard at the University of Ottawa. 1979

Ms. Louise Charron - Crown Attorney

Legal Researcher: research in Administration of Estates. 1979

Acres Consulting Services Ltd.

Translator: translation of Greek Governmental Documents and By-Laws for a firm of engineers; 1978

Ministry of Employment and Immigration

Montreal, Quebec

Interpreter: translation and interpretation in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German from French and English and vice versa. Mainly interpretation for deportation, non-immigrant status cases. 1977


“The Law Reform Commission of Canada” – published internationally in the Inter-Parliamentary Bulletin under the auspices of the House of Commons.

“Transport Regulation in Canada” published in the Enterpriser under the auspices of Stikeman, Elliott.

“Proposed Amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act”, brief submitted to the National Association of Women and the Law and accepted as the position of the Province of Ontario.

Editing of the Regulatory Reporter – Canadian Radio Television Commission (CRTC cases)

Editing the 1981Federal Court of Appeal Cases for the 1981 Canadian Transport Commission Report under the auspices of the Canadian Transport Commission.

Papers written under the auspices of Stikeman, Elliott:

- Submarine Transportation: A Contribution to Canada’s Jurisdiction over the Arctic

- Assistance to Business in Canada

- Pre-Incorporation Contracts

- Certiorari

- Wrongful Dismissal

- Review under Sect ions 18 and 28 of the Federal Court Act

- Airline Licences and Eligibility to acquire other Licences

Articles Published in Newspapers: “The Canadian Reaction”; “Quebec: A Structural Dilemma”; “Theorie de la Philosophie”; “Feminisme: Faits et Mythes”; Federal-Provincial Conflict

Papers submitted to the University of Ottawa:

- Foreign Investment and Canadian Independence;

- Human Rights and Changing Attitudes Based on the Charter, the Declaration and the Covenants – Legal Obligations;

- Le Statut du Quebec dans le Canada de Demain

- L’Enchassement des Droits Fondamentaux

- Proportional Representation in the Canadian House of Commons

- Linguistic Rights in Canada – New Options – New Attitudes?

- On Jurisprudence

Extra-Curricular Activities

Vice-President Student |Council

Secretary Student Council

Editor of “The Spartan Times”

Representative of the Department of Philosophy on Faculty Council and Student |Council – Cegep du Vieux Montreal

Assistant – Editor of the Collegial Journal

President of G.O.Y.A.

Vice=President of the Cretan Association

Contributor to the McMaster Newspaper

President of the Spanish Club

Co-ordinator and Public Relations Officer for “The Zorba Dancers”

Theory and Practical (Honours) Royal Conservatory of Music

Member of the Preventive Law Program

Member of the Student Legal Aid Society

Membre de l’Association des Etudiants d’expression francaise de la Common Law

Membre de l’Association des Avocats d’Expression francaise en Ontario

Communications Officer for the Ottawa Association of Women and the Law

Delegate to the Conference of the National Association of Women and the Law – Calgary 1979 – Amendments to the Criminal Code

Research and drafting of brief on “Unemployment Insurance”

Lobbied at the National Conference – Halifax 1981 -

Assistant Editorship Ottawa Law Review

Member of the Human Rights Institute of Canada

Member of the Young Lawyers International Association

Member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Sport Awards

1st Prize – Intra-Mural Basketball

1st Prize – Intra-Mural Volleyball

1st Prize – Miler’s Club

1st Prize – Track&Field

2nd Prize – Track & Field

Award – Gymnastics Club

Award – Badminton Club

Proficiency Award in Physical Education

Other Prizes/Awards/Titles

Prix de la langue francaise – 1975

Award of Merit – Scott Park Secondary 1975

Award in Administrative Commerce

Teachers’ Merit Award – Commercial – 1975

1976 Proficiency Award – Hamilton Board of Education

1975 Scott Park Trophy

Centennial Award

Himmeurs en Musique et Theorie du Royal Conservatory – 10-e annee

Scholarship of $2000 by the Ontario Government for French 1980

Greek Language Diploma

German Language Diploma

Spanish Language Diploma

Proficiency Award in the Greek Language

Award for German

Dean’s Honour List – McMaster University

Program Standing – First


Mr. Gilbert W.Nadeau, General Council, Canadian Transport Commission

Mr. Joseph Maingot, Commissioner – Federal Law, Reform Commission, Former Law Clerk & Parliamentary Counsel – House of Commons

His Honour Judge Guy Goulard, Department of Justice, Ontario Family Court

His Honour Judge Marin, Provincial Court – Ottawa

His Honour Judge Beaulne, County Court – Ottawa

The Honourable Justice Maxwell Cohen, International Court of Justice

Professeur G.W.Beaudoin, Constitutional Expert, Former Dean, Faculte de Droit Civil, Universite d’Ottawa

Professor Tarnopolsky, Faculty of Common Law, Human Rights Institute, University of Ottawa

Professor Castel, International Private Law Expert, Editor of the Ontario Bar Review

Mr. Douglas V.Heath, Department of Industry, Trade&Commerce, Former Special Assistant to Minister Munro

Mr. V.Chapman, Executive Director, World Food Aid Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, United Nations

Mr. T.G.Kane, Former Counsel – CRTC, Editor of the Regulatory Reporter, Counsel – Stikeman, Elliott

Mr. Denis Scott, Senior Counsel, Canadian Transport Commission

The Honourable Senator, Royce Frith, Deputy Leader of the Government

Mr. Eric Warg, Director of Policy Division, Department of External Affairs


Company: Codina international

Country: Canada

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


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