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Betsoft Gaming LTD
, Betsoft Gaming, Betsoft buying casino software scam

This report is to inform you about Betsoft Gaming LTD, a Canadian company that sells casino software. Actually, this report is more to WARN YOU about Betsoft Gaming. Betsoft Gaming is a dangerous, untrustworthy and unreliable company.

Here is what happened:
We were looking for a company that sells casino software. For years, the director of our company had been experienced in the world of online casinos and wanted to start an own casino now. We got in contact with Betsoft Gaming LTD and signed an agreement after some negotiations. Also, we made a deposit of a tens of thousands of dollars to them. They promised to take care of everything: games, website, back office, payment integrations etc. Once up and running, we would have a revenue share with Betsoft, they would get a percentage of our profits. It was a nice deal, we thought.

We arranged the gambling license, company setup and hosting ourselves (which also costs a lot!). Betsoft promised they would be ready within 3 weeks.

Then Betsoft started their work. They asked us a lot of questions about how we like things to be arranged, how we would like the look & feel of the website, made a mockup of the website etc. We had one contact person at that time, Danielle Leve (who was later not reachable and her work was taken over by Dale Greene mainly).

When she sent us the mockup, we had some suggestions for improvement and they tried to accomplish and fit the website to our wishes (as agreed at the beginning). Their work was often very sloppy and we began to wonder if their experience with online casinos was as much as they told us before. We actually had some serious doubts. So, using our own experience, we helped Betsoft a lot. Our own staff put hours and hours in helping Betsoft putting together a nice website and system.

We found out that the back office was NOT even built by Betsoft itself, but by some other company. Still, we didn't complain as we still thought it was a nice deal.

Then, after months (instead of the 3 weeks they promised), Betsoft was in a hurry and told us they wanted to get a new deadline and everything should be finished and live at that date. So we agreed, of course, because we would like to hurry now as well. They even uploaded the website before the launch date (we don't know why)

Betsoft and the staff at our company worked very hard for the finishing touch. But, on the day we agreed to be finished and go live with the casino, we received the first email. Betsoft wanted to postpone the launch, due to a technical reason. The reason itself wasn't mentioned. Telephone calls and emails were unanswered. Until we received another email, telling us that the payment system was disabled now. So we tried to email and call them again, and again with no response. Then, we got the final email from the General Manager (we never spoke to this man before), saying that (due to other reasons than the technical reason) Betsoft will not work with us again.

Again, of course, our emails and phone calls were not answered at all and we just lost our money.
Not only the deposit we initially made, but also the hours and hours of our own staff that was put into the project.

Please don't work with Betsoft and be seduced by nice offers and deals. This is a very unreliable and unprofessional company!

The people / staff at Betsoft Gaming:
Bob Rekunyk (Director of Marketing)
Dale Greene (head of technical department)
Chad Rudolph (some sort of technical function)
Danielle Leve (VP of Operations)
Michael Basil (General Manager)

The Emails
Below you can find the emails that Betsoft Gaming LTD sent us to inform us (without any further notice or discussion) that they will not work with us anymore and they will keep our money.
All confindential information is between xxx_here_xxx. We did this for privacy protection purposes as a company, protection of the individuals of the staff our company.

- Email 1 (Very sudden on the day of the launch. This was the day the casino would go live, after a lot of pressure from Betsoft that they would like to hurry and go live as soon as possible.)

Due to further technical issues and complications, we have postponed the xxx_OurCompany_xxx launch to an undetermined date. Next progress will be announced shortly.
Any further questions can be directed to me directly at [email protected]

Best Regards,

- Email 2 (The casino was still on the internet, but payments couldn't be made now) Please note that there actually was a contract signed long ago.

Hello XXXX,
The decision to postpone launch is decisive and cannot be changed. This is posted by our Board of Directors; if you have any questions, please direct them to our General Manager, Michael Basil ([email protected]).

I would also like to inform you we have disabled the xxx_Payment_Service_Provider_xxx payment system in our Back end System, please refrain from initiating any further transactions.

Best Regards,

- Email 3 (All of the sudden, there came the GM, with yet another reason and another message. The postponement was cancelled, Betsoft did not want to work with us at all now!)

Dear XXXX:
My name is Michael Basil, I am the General Manager of Betsoft Gaming.

We regret to inform you that the decision has been made by our company to discontinue working with xxx_OurCompany_xxx and will not move forward with providing gaming software for your sites. Being that we have no formal, binding contract is in place, this email is a courtesy notification so that xxx_OurCompany_xxx can make alternate arrangements.

The 5 month delay and large volume of unscheduled, unannounced work building a customized system has resulted in a non-equitable position for Betsoft Gaming. The anticipation of further support and additional custom work only solidifies our decision. Unfortunately, we already lost a huge amount of time and resources dedicating hundreds of hours for this project and must cut our losses. You can feel free to call but please note that this decision by the Board of Directors of BSG is final and irreversible.

Since the servers at xxx_HostingCompany_xxx contractually belong to us, we will assume payments for them. We will transfer the assets of the websites we built for xxx_OurCompany_xxx to you; you can use them as you wish.

We wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.
Michael Basil
General Manager
Betsoft Gaming LTD

We really hope we can prevent others from the same troubles by telling you about our experiences here. If you already have been in contact with Betsoft, please don't continue and please do not deposit any money!!



Company: Betsoft Gaming LTD

Country: Canada   Province: Nationwide

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