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GoodLife Fitness
They are liars and thieves

They told me my refund for personal training was approved after receiving a dr's note. Then after 6 weeks they changed they're mind and started making up excuses. My pt got injured went to hospital and did not put my dr note in my file and they accused me of lying about submitting it. James Nigaid from the head Office was Of no help and seemed like he was getting a kick out of denying me. I followed everything they told me to do and in the end used that against me and said you can't prove anything as it's not on paper. Do not sign up here and do not sign the contract.

Most unprofessional corporation I have dealt with. I believe everyon should call they're local papers and make a effort to expose these guys. What a disgrace to a Canadian business I bet the owner patch would be proud. What a scumbag organization!!! Stay away and complain until we deal with these bullies and hit them where it obviously hurts they're wallet. This is how you have to deal with these people they make it difficult in order to steal what is yours do not give up and pursue it at all cost.


Company: GoodLife Fitness

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Burnaby- all locations- head o

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July 28, 2012 12:30 PM
Um if you had a doctors note how can they say you have no proof? its dated.. if you or they "lost" it im sure you doctor will simply restate the note and specify the affective date.. a doctor is like a lawer they are able to legally bare witness with some authority.. so where where they saying you had no proof? I can understand your mad but be a little mature in your rant ..are all Macdonalds employees desease ridden bunch of low life murderers becuase someone who ate in a restaurant in Nunavut got food poisoning.. If you talk to them as you typed here they probably decided to close the book and stop dealing with the issue.. remeber your mad at the situation but your often times yelling at some poor 9 to 5 er who works at th gym and really cant rember much about you. They deal with hundreds of people a day.. they often are not trained in the field of "lets calm down the angry member" methods and are playing catch up will cutomers are ranting on them..

When it comes down to it.. they are bound to laws and rules like every business youd be surprised ..but your membership money..... is not worth all that much to them.. definatley not worth the legal hassles they will deal with if they are breaking contract agreements ...they deal in the millions every day , they just are given a set of criteria and if you dont meet it they wont do much cause if they do.. someone will ask why for you and not for someone else
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