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Ad update

I was using nero 9 for my burn and everything was working fine until and update kill ed. not i have an expensive bloated program I can even use and nero won't help even after they stated that the problem was the update. Is this how paying customers get treated. JOKE! ...

Undeleter Software

I was taken in to try the free trial version of Biltware Undeleter, since I needed to recover a picture folder that I'd well lost. The darn download program appeared to run real fast to claim it found a so called 39 thousand lost files and folders that could be recovered -- wow -- I asked myself ...


After practicably being forced into buying this piece of shit soft ware! first they offer a free scan of your system then you are told that your system has many errors and that to repair them you need to down load their soft ware but after you download their shitware they then tell you it will cost ...