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Disbanding infinity ward

Activision you better hire back infinity ward because your going to run your bussiness into the ground because you got rid of the only reason why people wanted to play cod and that was to see the ending of the mw series and you definatly have just ruined that. Activision infinity ward was the one ...

Brent Hillier
Illegal Lottery

A Boom of Montreal reports Brent Hillier of Zurich, ON, Canada from the failed Maverick Paintball was caught and convicted in an illegal lottery scam contrary to s189.1 of the criminal code of Canada. Beware of this criminal, he may try to scam you into another one of his illegal lotteries. Also, ...

Charges on my cell phone bill

My provider on my cell phone is charging me $ 113.00 for the third party what is: TMG code/service 33456 skill2thrill and 84040TMG trivia games...your phone NB is 1 866 257 4586 My cousins, children they used my computer and probably they activated this program...without my knowledge. I want to ...