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Today I had come to your Pizza Pizza location on 545 Steeles Ave, infront of Sheridan College. As usual, four of my friends as I ordered 1 large pizza for (8.99) and 2 creamy garlic dipping sauces (0.69/pack.) I specifically mentioned to the attendant (Veltza) that we would like a 'Thick Crust' because we like our pizza like that. She took our order we payed her the $11.72 and proceeded to wait outside the location until our Pizza was ready in twenty minutes. As soon as our pizza was ready we came into the store and collected the our order, when we proceeded to open the box we realized that the information about the 'thick crust' had not been communicated by the order taker to the baker (Carlos) and he instead made a 'thin crust' and as one of my friends went to pick up one of the slices the contents of the slice fell into the pizza box and the pizza was cold and stale and not to mention the dough was uncooked. I politely told the attendant that this was not my order and she shouted "You did not say, thick crust! " I said "Yes, mam I did and I would prefer you change my order and make my pizza correctly, after all I have paid you.", she went on to say "Its you word against mine, so go and take a seat and I will have this changed." So I went and sat down. A minute or two later and man, Sam I believe was his name (A Sikh male, with a British accent) came and yelled, "Whose Pizza Is this!? ", we said it was ours and he shouts "Whats wrong with it? " I said "It isn't my order, I specifically asked for a thick crust and that is not it." He turned over to the baker, who was in the back but his voice was resonating to the front, and shouted "They, wanted a thick crust." and the baker said, "Oh, I thought the wanted a thin crust." Sam then turned to Veltza and she said, "They did not say anything, and they always complain." Mind you we have never complained at this location before and we have been coming here four out of five of our school days since our semester started. "He, then said, Im not making you a new pizza." We were puzzled, because we were sitting there for ten minutes under the impression that our pizza was being made. He shouted "The pizza is here eat it, if you want." We paid for a service we expected it, we weren't animals that he was putting food out to. He was soo rude and inconsiderate and had no customer relation skills whatsoever and I told him this. He then said "Its your word again two people here (Carlos and Veltaza)" and I said "Well there is the four of us here and you only have the one person (and made a one sign with my INDEX finger) do not include the baker because he does not hear the orders he is in the back." He then began to wave his index finger at me and I asked "What are you doing? " and he says "Well, im going to talk to you as your are speaking to me." I said "What are you talking about I just told you that there is one person there?! " He said "Well, whatever", we then said "just give us our money back and we will leave" At first he was hesitant to, so now he has the pizza and the money and is not correcting anything. He finally shouted "Give me the receipt, " I said "I dont have it, " because I didn't one of my other friends did and then when we finally gave it to him he says, "Just like you didn't have the receipt, you mentioned the thick crust right? " accusing us of being liars. "We finally were fed up vowed never to go there again and made our way out the door. As we were leaving this rude, rude man say "BY THE WAY, YOU HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL FINGER THERE YOUR SHOULD USE IT MORE OFTEN." accompanied by a sly sort of smile. At this point we were soo upset and disgusted that we just left, I had every intention of turining around and slapping the bloke, but this would just accelerate the situation. I called head office and told them what happened and also reported it to the police titling it as harassment of the sexual nature, defamation of charecter infront of the other customers, employees and my friends and also degrading someone. The officer said the man was a 'Jackass' and that if other complaint arose, he would take action. I just thought that you should be aware of this and I would like you to take immediate action. I have enclose my telephone number to be contacted with the procedure of the handling of the complaint as well as a written apology from the man involved. I have also taken this up with members of the Sheridan College Faculty, who found this mans behaviour to be unappropriate and vow never to eat there again and students are also boycotting Pizza Pizza. In addition to this tommorrow I have arranged a meeting with Student Union to discuss this issue and because it is summer hours the Pizza Pizza within Sheridan is closed. One of my teachers has also mentioned that I can post flyers around Sheridan College informing people of the incident and not to shop there again. I am sorry for taking up so much of your time, but I couldn't sit still on this matter and let it pass. Thanks so much for your time. Take Care
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Pizza

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Brampton

Category: Foodstuff


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