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Pizza Hut
Terrible customer service

My complaint that has not yet been addressed by Pizza Hut Canada. Was emailed in a week ago.

I am writing to report a complaint about Pizza Hut location Metrotown Burnaby B.C. Store #27.. This is long so please bear with me. There were two separate incidents to report. The first was on April 13, 2011. I called in my order to the store after work somewhere around 4:30- 5:00pm. That was fine, they asked how I would be paying and I informed them debit. The order came about 45 minutes later and I went out to pay the delivery man. He swiped my card and it said Visa on the machine, when I was using a debit card. The debit card I have is the CIBC Advantage card. This is a regular debit card that includes a visa logo on it to use for travel/online US purchases ect. However it does not work in canada as a Visa. It is in fact not a credit card. Anyways we stood outside in the freezing cold for almost 10 minutes with me holding this pizza trying to get this machine to work. Meanwhile the pizza is getting cold. I mention this to him, and tell him he can come back at a later time when I have cash available.By this time I (7 months pregnant) and my 10 year old son who hasn't eaten since noon are starving! He says no I can't leave it here and come back for payment, and I tell him it must be freezing cold and unappetizing by now, I'll probably want a new order made. He says "ok so you don't want it, I'll take it", and takes it out of my hands. So that was that and he just left us with no dinner. I go in the house and have to tell my son he still has to wait for dinner. He was very hungry and upset. We had just moved into this suite so did not have dishes or food unpacked yet. So I call the store and let them know what happened, and the store clerk tells me he should have left the pizza here and they could have returned for payment. She says she will call him to turn around and bring it back. This is a good 25 minutes or so later, from the time he first arrived. So I say fine, do that. I am desperate to get something to eat by this time, even if it is cold and dry. So I tell my son the pizza is coming back. We wait about 15 minutes more and still no delivery man. I call the store again and the girl tells me her manager is on the phone with the debit machine company. That is all good and well but this is almost 2 hrs after I placed the order! All the girl can offer me is to wait until they figure it out or cancel the order. No offer of any kind of solutin at all! I ask her if I should just call Panago now, since this is a Canucks playoff game night. Everywhere is going to be a long wait for delivery.By this time I am just angry and tell her their customer service is despicable and she giggles! So I hung up with her and placed an order with Panago, so we finally got something to eat around 8:00pm.

The next day after work I call the store and ask for a manager. I speak with her and she tells me theres nothing she could do. Its not their fault that the debit machine didn't support my card. This is a very common debit card by the way. Alot of people bank with CIBC. I tell her how upset I am with the treatment I got and she just barely offers an apology. She acts as if I am inconveniencing her. I tell her how much my family enjoys pizza hut pizza and it is a shame that I don't feel comfortable supporting a company that has treated me so badly. She shows no interest in hearing what I have to say. I am a busy working mom and order pizza once, sometimes twice a week depending how busy I am. She says well the best I can do since this isn't our fault about the machine is offer a 50% of the order ($15.00) credit to be used within a month. I accept this. Thank her for her time and that was that.

So now comes the second experience! April 20, 2011 at 4:30pm. Order #135, Store #27. I call in my order and inform them of the $15.00 credit I have to use there. Hang up the phone and wait for our pizza to arrive. My neighbours have dogs in our yard and I hear barking so I go out to the fornt gate to meet the deliver man. He yells at me that he won't deliver here and these little dogs are going to bite him. I yell back at him and inform him these are not even my dogs. Don't yell at me about it. I will come outside the gate to pay him. which I did. He hands me the pizza and says $15.00 is due. I tell him no, I was quoted on the phone that the total minus the credit was $5.00 and some odd cents. He yells rudely and says NO! You have a $5.00 credit, You pay $15.00! I Tell him No! It is $5 something. He then proceeds to swipe the pizza out of my hands and said "Ok, I'm leaving! ". At this point I grabbed the reciept off the top of his bag and read it and angrily point out to him the Total : $5.88 Discount: $15.00. He says oh..oh... I was wrong. Yes he was! I'm shaking by this point. I am just flabber-ghasted that I have had my dinner ripped out of my hands twice in two weeks by this horrid company! I take the pizza back and pass him a $20.00 bill, and he doesnt say a word, just gives me $15.00 back and scurries off. No apology from him. I then went in my house and called the store once again absolutely shocked that a ridiculous incident happened again! I spoke with the manager again and gave her the play by play of what happened and she giggled and said "I will tak to him, he is kinda old". I left a sort of awkward pause waiting for a sincere apologly or anything! And nothing. Just a flat sorry about that. Completely un-caring and very un-proffesional.

So those are my experiences with the Pizza Hut in my neighbourhood so far. I am so upset by this because I and my family love the product, but I can not stand bad customer service. I am blown away that this store is even open considering the poor manner in which it is run. Thank you you you time in reading this email and I look forward to hearing from someone at a higher level than the joke of a manager I have spoken with numerous times on the phone.


Company: Pizza Hut

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Burnaby

Category: Foodstuff


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