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My Kenmore dishwasher was no longer working correctly. I was recently out of warranty I called to have a service call to determine source of [roblem, edt of cost to repair so I may decide to repair or buy a new machine.

3 days off work, many phone calls and confirmed appointments, the serviceman called and agreed to show on a sat morning.

He did show with a young fellow, 'he was teaching the ropes'. In ~2-3 minutes without taking anything apart he says I have I have a worn out pump and a leaking drum. No water had showed because the leak was as yet small and at the back.

These are 2 of the 3 most expensive parts. I suggested that I'll just buy new to which he praised the old machines and degraded the new.

I heard him on the phone trying to source a pump privately.

I wanted him out, I would think it over, He handed me a bill for my sears account and left.

I called the sears store and after a very lengthy bouncing from one dept, service centre to another, along with no returned calls got no one responsible.

After a week of calling, I went to the store and remained at customer service promised a manager for a couple of hours but no showed. I returned and again waited until a young woman showed. She said she was very new and did seem concerned. She was more concerned as they do not have service calls on sat. That was an incorrect manner to source parts, and the invoice was not in the system.

We had found a service guy scamming. She would take this up the ladder. I thanker but advised I would not be paying for another call.

I tried to get another service guy but was promised but ignored or the same guy was to be sent out. I clearly stated I did not want this man in my house.

Nothing happened.

After some 25 phone calls and 18 written request to have this sorted out I refused to pay any more on my account.I was in touch with their Can. head office e mailing Directors. I was passed to a woman, who pormised an account review and a credit. Further I was given a managers name.

He was too busy for ~6 wks. He would look into it. I sent in material good faith payment. I had to chase him down some 2.5 months latter. He says he just wants this to go away, he has nothing to do with service. I told him I needed another dishwasher and suggested we could work out something on the price,

In the meantime the HO lady advised via voice mail of my credit which does not cover the now included service charge and interest. I never did get to speak to her again. I followed there credit dept to the US where I was told that they an arms lenght company owned all the sears account charges and the store dealth with the products. No credit. Not their problem. I pointed out that they have a contract to purchase current charges a a discount for this sort of issue etc, so they could adjust my account to no avail.

The locale manager said he would take up the interest, service call issue and we agreed on a credit but only if I purchased the new dishwasher. I did and he didn't.

I bought the unit, it was installed three days late, the felliow left all packaging materials and came alone so I had to help him carry this up the stairs.

The managers cell number was no longer in service, he would not return calls. HO says he denied any such arrangement. I provided a breakdown with all charges a good faith (3) payments and a bal. I offered to pay bal less s/c, half of latest delivery/installation and interest since problem. They ignored and then refused.

I refused to pay. The interest kept mounting. I have invited them to sue me, they will not. They point out the damage to my credit rating. They refuse to report this as a disputed amount.

The debt will one day disappear due to the time limitations. I have not purchased another item from Sears.

Looks like everyone lost and they could care less, must be part of their business plan. X % loss due to poor products/service/etc. as a part of reserve for write offs.

Nice business. Refuse to pay them, write a letter to co. and BBB, local politician. Be prepared to go to court, although they do not sue as they would lose, and its bad for image . Enough people put up with the rip offs and bullying to keep them profitable.

If they screw you don't pay, don't buy again only when profits drop enough will there be a change.

At least they are in good company with a lost of those sub prime lending bankers, non disclosure re blunders of debt and the worst used car salesmen.
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Offender: Sears

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Electronics and household app.


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