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Jennifer Lamb (Nee Black) & Stanley Parkinson
Ripoff Scam Artists

When I first met Jennifer Lamb (Nee Black) we had something in common, I had 17 years sobriety with AA and she stated she had 10 years. She confessed to me her destructive up-bring and abuse she experienced as a child and early adult life with choosing different abusive men to live with her and father her two daughters.

I truly believe that all she reflected to me was a lie, made up in her mind to make her life seem terrible and prayed on my compassion to win what she wanted, money. The end result shows that she is the abusive one and more and likely didn't try to maintain a proactive relationship and destroyed the lives of all the other men like she did to me.

Jennifer was previously a stripper for which I had gotten out of this drug-involving scene. She's a blue-eyed blonde with plastic 38DD's and knows to use her body and had led me into a brief relationship. At first I encouraged and helped her to find employment outside the strip clubs and generated a resume, provide funds for school (which she didn't attend), provided education material, computer, reading glass, outfits, car, and even coached her on the interviews.

I eventually found out she co-existed with her accomplish Stanley Parkinson (A City Of Oshawa employee) to participate in the cons and protect her from the men that confront her with her lies. Jennifer was a mother of two girls that she gave up and made them Wards of the Courts to Children's Aid so she could be free to act out her cons.

She was crimminally charged with Public Mischief after been raped by her drug dealer for non-payment of drugs and went to the hospital where the medical people attending contacted the police. She made up a fictitious story, as she could not give up the dealers name as she was/is heavily involved in the drug trade.

I had determined the hard way that this women is a compulsive liar, and a junkie, hid most of the truth until I investigate her; she had used many different excuses including her girls supposable needs to embezzle funds from me to be used for her and Stanley's other destructive habits.

Such expenses included food, rent, drugs, a car, furniture, clothing, lawyers, dentists, veterinarian bills, girls vacation trip and glasses, outstanding car loan under Stanley's name, smokes, cable and phone bills, using such lies as bail cost to be out of jail, paying old debits from drug dealers and loan sharks threaten to physically harm or rape Jennifer for payment, prescription bills for both her and her girls, fictitious stolen purse, stolen prescription drugs, and stolen debit card, car repairs, school registration and books, lawyers and girls lawyers bills, and faked the affects a car accident, visits to the physiatrist floor of hospital, loans from the Hell Angles, the reasons/excuses were endless.

Their method was to have to cover the cost of something immediately, used places like Cash Advance, Money Mart, Pay Check Advance, borrow the many from such places utilizing Stanley's next pay check and request funds to cover the payment to cash advance places as it was due. But with the privacy act in Ontario no information can be released without written consent of Stanley.

She always promised to repay me and wanted to have a full relationship together. She used an issue about receiving a large amount of money from the government for back owning child support and GST, stating she would pass the funds over to me when received; it never came.

I was led on, sexually intimidated and started to confront both of them of the lies and saw with my own eyes what was really happening. When I saw her growing pot in the apartment and both injecting heroin after I had given funds earlier that day for a fictitious reason, I realized I was taken for a complete ride on their lies. I couldn't tell what was true and what wasn't. I broke off the relationship knowing she was in a course of self-destruction.

Six months later she contacted me and stated she had been clean, sober and in a methadone program for five months and was sorry for her actions. For about three months afterwards we went to AA meetings and she began to reflect the truth and was more open with me; I thought. Then she reverted back to her selfishness and used her body to entice me, to satisfy their own objective.

A true junkie stripper whore and con artist she is. I believe she and her accomplish Stanley Parkinson teamed together to get everything for nothing. They prayed on my compassion and willingness to help a fellow addict. They moved out of their apartment to hide some where in Oshawa, yet still use Stanley's father residence as their legal address.

Since then I have stop any involvement with Jennifer as she has abandoned and betrayed me. I have been left with no legal recourse to recover the money I lent. My only recourse is to discredit them and let others know the truth.

This woman is a vile destructive creature that will drive you into the grave and even perform a lap dance on your coffin. If you want to see what that dance will look like, I've included a picture, saving you the trouble of what I went through.

Last Lap Dance from the Grave

Mississauaga, Ontario
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Offender: Jennifer Lamb (Nee Black) & Stanley Parkinson

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Oshawa
Address: 308 Carlton Court
Phone: 9055790163

Category: Education & Science


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