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401 Dixie Kia
Terrible staff/disrespectful sales

So me and vaportech went car shopping this afternoon. Looking to trade in my lexus for something faster. (car too much of a turtle: o) him looking to trade in his 335is.

Note: I have test driven an IS F, m3 vert (sales drove, it was manual), camaro 2SS etc in the past weeks and many cars in the past (g35, bmw 335i etc) and never had a bad experience. Sales were always helpful and some were even encouraged me to test the car on off/on ramps (no speed limit technically).

This only applies if you're planning to test drive high performance cars at this dealer, they think you have to drive an amg like a kia just cuz that's all they sell. [/B]

Arrive at the dealer was greeted by sales (not gonna mention descent, but take a wild guess) took down info and we got right into the test vehicle (c63 amg). Sales told me and my buddy not to "push" it. So I took it easy around the bends, we go on the 401E on ramp and I gun it, redline etc. When we get off at the next exit, sales says...

sales: do you normally test drive cars like this (he meant me flooring/wot, redlining etc)

me: yeah, how else would I get to test the difference in these performance cars?

sales: i don't normally let people test drive cars like these, not to mention like that (he means me driving aggressive, this guy normally sells kias: facepalmfacepalm:)

me: you told me not to push it, so I'm already not.

After we go back westward back, he was quiet the entire ride back. I asked him multiple questions about the car to he did not answer... (ok so does he wanna sell cars??). He says yes but I can't push the car. (lol kia ok, not a 70g c63 amg)

When we get back he starts lecturing me how I shouldn't test drive cars hard.. LOL???! He was basically telling us we have to take it easy and not to push the cars... (he might as well blindfold me and put me in a corolla and tell me it was an amg: facepalm:) I tell him this isn't the c63 in the GTA, there are plenty (5-6 more) and if he thought we were messing around we'll leave on the spot.

At this point, I get aggravated as the salesman was basically against us buying the car.. I understand it's a public road and you don't drive like a maniac, but flooring it on the on ramp, merging into the right which was free the entire stretch.[/B]

Not to mention the difference between the hp and gearing[/B] of the IS F (414hp), c63 (453hp?), 2SS (400hp) can not be felt by granny shifting/partial throttle.

At this point vaportech asks for test drive, sales was reluctant saying how if we wanted to he would have to get the manager blah blah as he didn't want to be responsible if anything breaks... so basically he was telling us if we buy the car and drive it hard (redline to the designed rpm etc, stuff may break... lol). We tell sales go ahead ask for the manager. Sales comes out says his manager doesn't even wanna drive along.. so we go for test drive 2 with sales, vaportech driving.

Before we even leave the lot, manager walks out and stops us saying car has been sold. At this point I literally LOL'd. We both immediately get out of the car as I didn't even want to deal with the sales anymore, much less talk numbers. I calmly tell the manager to stop BS'ing us. If he thought we were messing around or didn't actually have the money for the car, tell us. Straight up told him, no sense in lying or giving us the "car has been sold line." Manager claims car has been sold online... hahaha dafuq and that I was a terrible person to question his integrity and calling him a liar. LMAO he's a salesman, what else do they do???

Sales also gave me a long lecture about if I wanted to drive fast, do it in my own car, that I didn't own the test/demo car and I shouldn't drive it hard, even if it was a test drive. He then went on the mention how I was driving too fast on the on ramp and kept saying I may drive crazy fast in my car but not this one, he even mentioned that he could probably drive faster than me in his car (LMFAO... what???).

Oh yeah for the record, I don't drive my own car that aggressively (I know how my car handles at 200 kph, tracked it and know it's handling), if I'm putting down 50-80g on a car, I f%ing better be able to have a test drive where I can push the car/use it's horsepower.

Here's cliff notes for the lazy reader.

1. test drive c63

2. sales complains about pushing car (flooring/shifting/redlining etc)

3. I took it easy on the bends, I tell sales I'm not pushing it that much

4. sales lectures me about driving, saying this isn't my car, i shouldn't drive like this

5. sales lectures me about being able to drive faster than me in my own car LMAO[/B]

6. sales refuses to take vaportech for a test drive says needs manager

7. we say ok get manager

8. comes back out sales comes on test drive #2

9. manager stops us before we leave, saying car sold online

10. i call bs to manager (i tell him if he thinks we're messing around, tell us, we'll leave right away and go elsewhere)

11. manager calls me a terrible person b/c i questioned his integrity (he's a salesman...)

12. we leave right away and go to another dealer to test drive properly

Anyway thats the story, flame suit on (waiting for the all righteous/arm chair cops to come in)[/B], oh yeah below is the link to the listing, bet you if you called tmrw car will still be available.



Sales: 1-888-651-1991 ursrc=pl

This article will give you an idea how this dealer and it's managers operates.


Company: 401 Dixie Kia

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga

Category: Cars & Transport


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