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Canadia Tire

I took my truck in for a routine oil change at Canadian Tire as I have for the past 10 years. The oil I use in my truck is from off the self and not an option in their computer (GTX 5 20). I did accidentally grab the wrong weight of oil, in fact I grabbed the 20 50; I brought it to the counter and waited for the sale/service staff to acknowledge me; I might add that he was a new hire, 3 weeks. At one point he said that I had to wait because his entries into the computer could not go any faster - Fine. He look at the oil I had brought to the counter and asked are you sure you want to use this one (I had not yet realized my error). I insisted that I always use GTX and that there was no option in their computer to pick the appropriate oil (I know this because I go through the same scenario every time - you would think that they could have updated their computer by now). The individual then asked me who told me to use this oil? I replied by saying I always use it and that it is recommended, even says 5 20 on the oil cap.By this statement I would have thought the the staff member would have realized I was unaware that I had the wrong weight, he said nothing and took the oil into the mechanic. The mechanic questioned the weight of the oil and instead of clarifying with me the sales staff told him I insisted on using it. The mechanic then proceeded to pour the 20 50 weight oil into my truck - what certified mechanic would do this in the middle of winter on a F-150. At that time I had walk into the service area and the mechanic approach me and asked who told me to use this oil and then promptly pointed out the weight of the oil after I had stated it says 5 20 on the oil cap. I said OMG I grabbed the wrong one off the shelf. The mechanic then suggested that I use two 10 30 weight to lighten up the oil. I said no as I did not want to take a chance on wrecking my truck and told him that he would have to drain it and put the correct weight in. The entire time I was having this conversation with the mechanic the sales staff was present and being very condescending to me repeating " you insisted on this oil, you even took it off the shelf yourself". The mechanic made the statement that there was nothing wrong with the 20 50 oil he drained out, I then refused to pay for the error of grabbing the wrong oil as the mechanic said there was nothing wrong with it and I also stated that when they accidentally put 10 30 in my truck that they just drained it and there was no issue. This conversation then carried on into the store and the sales staff and I argued back and forth whether or not I was paying for it. The sale staff then started saying that I was rude and that even the mechanic said I was rude. I walked into the shop and ask the mechanic if he had said that, he said he never said that I was being rude. I went back to speak with the sales staff and asked him why he would be making up a lie? He then started to raise his voice at me and insisted that I was rude and condescending. I acknowledge my error and made the statement that if I was forced to pay for the oil that I had no use for that they would loose a customer. The sales staff then said to me that that was fine with him. During our argument the supervisor had shown up and did nothing to defuse the situation and allowed the sales staff to continuously raise his voice at me and say that I was being rude and that I was condescending. At one point the sales staff actually made a face at me and stuck out his tongue at me. I tried to bring this to the attention of the supervisor but she insisted that she did not see him do this. I then told her to review the security camera and that she could see it for herself. She stated that she had no idea of where the camera was.

I left the store that day, Dec.24, 2010 at 17:20 (stored closed at 17:00) after a 35 minuet argument on whether they wanted to retain a loyal customer or if they wanted me to pay for the GTX 20 50 oil that I could not use and that the mechanic said was fine; I vowed never to step foot in a Canadian Tire store again. I was in disbelief on how I was treated, being called names, having voices raised at me and having a grown man (the sales staff) make faces at me and stick his tongue out at me as well.


Company: Canadia Tire

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Merritt

Category: Cars & Transport


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