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Obvious business crimes passed off as the Norm

Just wanted to follow up on a complaint I made a little while ago. I read a bunch of other complaints about and, the two of them obviously being financial butt bodies sharing the same soiled bed. Most of the complaints were about the same thing: this company stealing from people through misrepresentation, underhanded tactics masquerading as professional incompetence, and fraudulent advertising. It's hard to believe that a company as shitty as that fucks people over on a regular basis, as though it's the norm and they're just going through the motions, has not had legal repercussions brought against it for its flagrant unscrupulous actions. Is there not some "Better Business Bureau" or government organization monitoring these fucking scumbags?! They are supposed to be a legitimate business. How are they allowed to continue to operate with so many complaints brought against them? Is the part of the government that licenses these assholes truly in on it or are they as supremely obliviously stupidly blind to these unethical marketing tactics as they seem to be? Does not get audited by a Federal Revenue board of some sort? When a business advertises and takes money for an item it does not actually have that is STEALING. When a business charges people's credit cards for absolutely no reason that is blatant STEALING. It doesn't matter if the money is reimbursed. The criminal act has already been committed. Inventing excuses and trying to stall by saying the product is not in or giving phony customer service numbers is a CRIMINAL ACT. This company should not be in business. Any person with a shred of decency knows that proper laws should uphold and protect the integrity of a business transaction for the individual both as a customer and seller and that if a company such as AMAZON.COM or AMAZON.CA is profiting off of the abuse and misrepresentation of these actions without legal consequence then that part of the GOVERNMENT which licenses them, and can prosecute them if given adequate justification, is complicit in the crime if only by allowing them to continue. Furthermore, monetary restitution in the amount of three times the value of what was taken in the fraudulent sale should be the minimal compensation for those victimized by and supporting parties. Remember, people practicing under the claim of a profession without any liability is not a real profession. LIABILITY is THE integral part of a profession. This goes for businesses, organizations, parties and definitely the government which regulates the ethical nature of their activity through the system of law. It is obvious, then, what needs to be done here. It just remains to be seen if anything will be, thus illustrating whether the government and justice system will be profiting with diplomacy or enforcing the much neglected civil liberties which should have been their first priority.

Obvious business crimes passed off as the norm



Country: Canada   Province: Manitoba

Category: Business & Finance


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