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American Express Platinum
Arbitrary Reduction in Available Credit

American Express is committing fraud in Canada. I am a perfect customer for all my credit cards. That means 10 years, no late payment and always over minimum. Amex Canada has changed the agreement we made in 2004 and reduced my available credit by 10 percent. They say it is because criteria have changed. Their investigators cannot find my income tax information so they can't prove the income I make regardless of the fact that I am never late on a payment.

People need to know what this is, it is extortion and treason. There are taking working capital from perfect customers off the street and burning it like all the bank have done, only now I have proof. They attempted to employ me without pay to do the job that their incompetent investigators could not come up with.

There is a reasons why Amex has never been allowed by me to have my bank information or my income information. Trust and security. I will not allow Amex to hold government data in duplicate in their computers. Why do I not trust a company to hold government or banking information? Because it makes fraud possible. Without co-mingled data in company databases, at that level of privacy, fraud is made possible by not only Amex but the credit reporting companies as well. The credit rating reporting agencies have had millions of file stolen and are circulating now.

Again how do I know? Because I am the freaken rich genius that invented the security systems for banks and I am the hack that gives the power to governments that rise an fall. I can write myself any income I like. And I do that offshore in safer banks where all bank executive and higher government elected and employed do. We only pay taxes on what is brought in the country and spent here. After all it wasn't earned here nor did anything from this country make my income possible, because I didn't learn here either, I am the inventer remember, other learn from me.

Amex has proven to me that the economic is a scam on everyone.

Right now if a bank makes you do something like purchase one product to gain access to another, that is extortion. In my case they attempt to hire me to investigate myself. They want me to stop work at 500 an hour, get my accounts and stop their work for this, then contact the lawyers to see what I am allow to expose. The fact is I am too important to Canada and America and I cannot let them have TAX info on me in their computers EVER. So I will have to go to war and destroy millions of dollars of AMEX capital to get even.

In addition they can see I save money by making prepaid payments and the reduced the limit in an attempt to make me go over the limit so that I would default and go over limit thus causing an automatic increase in interest, all from a PERFECT customers.

AS I pay the minimum I will destroy the company, by many means but mostly by automating a software robot of destruction that will get the message out to millions of people to be cautious with AMEX and expose their attempt to harm these two nations by stealing earned credit off the streets of our countries.

In the next few days the leaders of the investment world who worship genius (not that the working middle class don't appreciate extreme power wisdom and knowledge also) will remove millions and millions from AXP stock. Maybe they want AXP to fall more than it has? Maybe they think they will buy it back then?

My family owns the oldest banks in Europe and you DO NOT mess with me. I am so mad now, watch out that the crops don't fail, again like last time I was this mad. :-(
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Offender: American Express Platinum

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

Category: Business & Finance


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