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At the beginning of April, my dog had gone missing, my kids had let her out without tying her up but because she always came home and never strayed far from it, i never thought much about it until she didnt come home that night, i waited a few days first to make sure she just didnt get lost and i hoped she would just show up but when she didnt i started putting up signs around town looking for her, a week later i was told by a friend that i can post online at the SPCA site as they ussually get info in on ppl finding dogs, well my AD was up on thier site for 3 days when they finally called me, saying that she had been there the entire time!!

with that, i had mentioned that i dont drive and live in the next town over from where the SPCA is situated and would have to wait till friday when my hubby has a day off in order to get there before they close at 6, this was on a monday and on wednesday, 2 days before i said i would come and get my dog, they put her up for adoption on thier site!!

My hubby ended up not getting a day off till early the next week however so we were gonna go in and get her then but when i went to make sure she was still online, determining whether or not she got adopted out, her picture had indeed been taken hubby then called to inquire about her to see if she got adopted and they said she did not but was very very sick with puking and pooping out BLOOD!!

well im no expert but that sure didnt sound good and with her being an older dog, 12 years old in fact, i was ready to think the worst, my hubby had told them, that is our dog and please just keep us informed as to how shes doing and if she survives, as if she didnt i would rather not know the gruesome details of her death, especially with the quilt of me not being there for her was starting to take over..

after over a week of hearing nothing from them and seeing her picture unreturned to the adoption site, i was ready to think she must of passed on :(

then at the beginning of MAY, while cruising the SPCA site, her picture was back up!!

lucky to have my hubby home, we put the kids in the car and started to head to the city and finally get my dear pet back..while driving past a PetSmart on the way to the SPCA, i seen some lady holding my dog so the car was stopped and parked and i continued over to this lady to get the info from her as she appeared to work with the SPCA, with telling her my story and what all went on, she told me that she would call them ahead to let them know i was on my way and that once the forms were filled out, i could either pick her up at PetSmart or she would drive her over to the SPCA for me to take home..

As i got to the SPCA, i told them which dog i was there for and hoped that with them understanding my situation and all that went on that maybe they would be flexiable with the cost and just allow me to take my dog home..

well that didnt happen, they wanted me to not only pay for her vet bills from when she was sick to also having to pay for the time that she was there for, which was over 30 days!! and at almost $20 a day, there was NO WAY i could afford to get my dog back...

I asked why i could not just pay for the amount it costs to adopt a dog from there which was $180 and they replied with a NO and that it was my fault for not calling them everyday to ensure she didnt get put up for adoption and my fault for not calling them after she got sick to see whether of not she made it, even though they told me that would be the ones who would be calling me after...

I found it completly UNFAIR that i could get any dog from there for only $180 but i couldnt get my own dog back for $180 but yet any other person who came in and wanted my dog for $180 could get her for that price while i still couldnt...These people are supossed to be all about finding homes for animals without one and yet they had a dog that had a home and had the same home for the past 12 years and they wouldnt give that dog back to that home..

its saddens me that i was there for my dogs beggining when she was 8 weeks old but im not allowed to be there for her ending at 12 years old and instead she is gonna go to a new home where she wont be for long before her time in this world is up...

the next week however they did call me and say that would lower the price to get her back and bring it down to $380 BUT i only had till the end of the next day to pick her up or she would go up for adoption AGAIN, well my hubby had his days off the day we went to go get her and now with him back to work i was once again without a way to pick her up but not that, that mattered anyway as before the end of the next day when i called to talk to them, they told me that she had just been adopted that morning!!..not sure if that was the truth or not, as the time they gave me wasnt even up yet but i was tired of the drama, so i gave them all her info, her real name, her age and real breed, as both were very wrong guesses on thier part and i let them know what she liked and what she doesnt like, just to insure on my part that at least if they give her to a new home, they give her to the right home, one that fits the type of dog she is...


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Offender: GPSPCA

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta

Category: Animals & Birds


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