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Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance –
This Company is a Huge Scam

I can not stress enough you should avoid this company at all costs. I signed up for this companies service when I adopted a kitten in June 09. As I had 3 older cats I didn't think they would cover them, they assured me they could. Not at the same unlimited level as the kitten but up to $2500, which I thought was great. In December we had a very rough month with two of our cats getting quite ill, our 3yr old male went off his food and our 12yr old female was vomiting and drinking excessively. So off to the vet we went safe and secure in the knowledge that we had at least full coverage on the male and we could recoup something on the old lady. Well $6000 later we filed our claim and after 5 months of fighting with them over a myriad of issues i.e. I submitted their full medical history at the beginning of the process via email and had a read receipt; they claimed not to have received it even while quoting from it! Then they put the cancer diagnosis on the female down to a pre-existing condition related to feline HIV. The male was diagnosed with a heart murmur which required $1000 in dental work and $3000 in meds, EKG's and follow up. After the detuctible and co-pay we got a grand total of $386.20. They informed us they don't cover dental, or followup. I wanted to cancel the policy, but had a manager call us up offer us a discount and explain that with the ongoing issues of owning older animals we should really stay with them and we would see the benefits. So we kept paying the over $200 a month. Now our oldest cat and healthiest to this point started exhibiting signs of weight loss. So off we went to the vet again with a cat with no pre-existing condition and the assurance of the company that we should have no issue. She had an unknown digestive issue so in the course of diagnosis she needed cultures, fecal samples, meds and various tests run to the tune of over $3000, we just received a cheque for $600! Apparently they didn't consider the meds, cultures, fecal samples, or urinalysis related to the condition! They only cover 25% of medical food, and with the co-pay and deductable there you go. You would be far better off putting the money you would have spent on insurance into a savings account then paying this company. We spent over $2000 in premiums to this company for absolutely nothing. Oh and just to add insult to injury when I called to cancel the policies they offered me another discount! So let me get this straight you were scamming us for the last 10 months and now that I am severing ties all of a sudden you have a discount offer. WOW.


Company: Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance –

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Oakville

Category: Animals & Birds


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