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Tim hortons
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Tim Horton's
XL coffee

Purchased two xl coffees from Tim Horton's, had asked for a tray. I was not given a tray so instead of bothering the staff I tried to carry the 2 coffee out the door. The doors go the wrong way when going out, as the doors push inward. As I tried to open the door the cup folded in half causing ...

Tim Hortons
Eing rude

During my time at ordering . i wasn't even asked if i were finished ordering .. crystal was quite rude when i told here i was not finished my order .when i approached the window i recived dirty looks... this was at 440 am... ...

Tim Hortons
Line Up System

New line up system is awful. People who came in after you - could possibly get server before you as it depends on what they order and how the employee handles the situation. Tim Hortons should adopt a express line for coffee / tea only... All other orders should line up regularly. Also - drive ...

Tim Horton's

The coffee they are using is a poor knock-off of tim horton's coffee. I took one sip this morning and dumped the rest in the street. I normally get my coffee at the best tim's around in stouffville, but the long line-up and me being low on gas and late for an appt sent me in the direction of the ...