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Mr Lube

BEWARE!!! These guys OVERPRICE and suckered me into buying a filter claiming it will save on fuel. Here's the problem: they charged me 85$ plus tax and I called another mr lube in Kitchener on weber st, and they quoted the EXACT SAME filter for about 35$ installed. So I email, the general manager ...

Mr. Lube

I normally service my cars at Mr. Lube. Mr. Lube has 3 lots and people wait with their cars in Queue and they service First come First serve basis Lot by Lot. My second last service I was waiting in Bay # 1, when Station Manager came and asked to shift to Bay # 3 (I was not choosing that Line, as ...

Mr. Lube
Over priced

I went to Mr Lube for oil change which was my first time experience, they charge me $93 which was double price of my dealer charges. They are over pricing and grab money from their customer's pocket without proving additional services. I will never come to Mr Lube any more. ...

Mr. Lube

I used to work for this store. It scams people a lot. For example, workers are being pushed to sell by being put under the pressure of certain quota. Also, some services that are recommended are not approved by car manufacturers. (engine flush, fuel system cleaning, additives etc) those services ...