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Hi I am also an ex employee. I was hired (contract exact date) June 27th. I worked 3 weeks for this company with the broken oh its in the mail oh its next week oh it well all bull this is now July 2012 and to this day I have received nothing not one dime. I am fighting via the labour ...

Telstar Marketing
Don't pay employees

I am a former employee of Telstar Marketing. Although the CEO of this company calls himself Mark Nash, his actual name is Randy Crane, also known as the CEO of Tele-Pros Inc. There are countless reports on various rip off websites online, by both clients and employees, against Randy Crane and ...

Telstar Marketing
No Pay

I have also been ripped off by Telstar Marketing and John Robinson. If you go to facebook under Randy Crane it is the same picture that is on Shiftplanner under John Robinson. We all received a complaint on shiftplanning from an ex employee and I was told he was mad because he was let go thats why ...