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Royal Holiday

While we were on vacation in December 2008 (November 28th to December 5th) in Cozumel my wife and I were approached to visit a resort and get a free lunch in exchange to visit the resort with the pretence that the resort was just rebuilt after the hurricane and they wanted tourists to rediscover ...

Royal Holiday
Royal Holiday Fraud

I am writing to date what has happened with this company that made many promises and none of them are true. Upon our arrival in Cancun on April 2009, when we got to the hotel, we were invited to attend a short 90 minutes presentation, the person who invited us begged to attend the presentation ...

Royal Holiday Club

I am hoping that someone out there might be able to help. We were on vacation in Mexico April 2007. We received this VIP invite, and although we tried to turn it down, we were persuaded into attending. As always these presentations give you false hope and expectations, and I knew that. At the end ...