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Capital Finance Services/Gregory Taylor/Carol Evans/Bruce Hobson
Approved me for a secured loan of 5000.00. I had to send 500.00 up front but would get it back in 3 monthe if my first 3 payments were made on time

I was not approved for a unsecured loan but based on my income I was approved for a secured loan of 5000.00 if I sent 10% up front. I filled out, what I thought were ligitimate loan documents. Faxed a void cheque and ID etc. I was to send the 500.00 by Western Union to a Security Officer by the ...

Capital Finance Services
(a) Gregory Taylor Senior Financial Advisor (a) Bruce Hobson Head Of Securities Dept. Owner/Operator Small Buisness/ applyed for bad credit loan (b)I was told to secure the loan I needed I would need 5% down in advance

I had been looking for a finance company for which I could secure a secured or unsecured term loan for small buisness but for people with a poor credit history following them. I found this Capital Finance Services site among many other similar sites for bad credit. I decided to try this financial ...

Capital Finance Services
Loan scam!

I responded to an online add for a loan in which you fill out a quick application just asking your credit status, income and phone number and address. I filled this out on December 11, 2007. First thing in the morning on December 12, 2007 I received a reply email from Steven Langley of capital ...