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Fresh Slice Piza

This Fresh Slice pizza location has arguably the most rudest and quite possibly, cruel employee they could ever have. The employee is a mid-aged Chinese lady who wears glasses called Joyce. Don't expect to ever receive a smile from this lady at all. When I go and ask her for change she yells and ...


We very surprised to receive a call from our Sales person that our windows and doors were ready in just 4 weeks. We had about 5 different quotes and everyone said about 8 weeks delivery. Installation was perfect and they left everything neat and clean. There were some issues but they were handled ...

Lucille Poulin
Failing to delive

I am still stunted by DHL Canada to fail to deliver. The day that they came to my home, I was home but they didn’t bother calling me to inform me that there was a delivery and just left a notice paper attach to my mailbox. I contacted them and try to reschedule and they said that they would the ...