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Alarm Force
Poor customer service

I sure wish I read this before taking over an existing alarm system in a house I purchased. Received inadequate training on system, so everytime I came home, alarm would go off. Was able to turn it off, and never turned it back on again - as was unable to ever be properly trained, and literature ...

No debt

Takhar is calling my number 931 442 xxxx for about 1 year whereas I don't use cc online and do not have any overdue debt. They use different phone numbers. There must be a way to report it to Canadian authorities as these gays are cons. ...

Canadian Tire
Eturn policy

I purchased a auto storage shelter, I then decided that it was to big for my yard so I decided to return it and was was told by customer service that she would have to get the manager .After waiting for fifteen minutes the manager came and told me that i could not return my purchse because the ...