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Timpano Formalwear
Wedding Tux Disaste

Everyone is always so excited when they are planning their wedding. I know my husband and I were and we wanted the best when it came to the "big days "wardrobe, so we thought nothing else but to go to Timpano's for 10 tux's. was the WORST mistake that we could have EVER made...the staff ...

Credit card charges

I recently checked out a website on Government grants for personal and small businesses. I paid the $2.97 to log into the website to check it out to find out it wasnt something I was interested in...I chalked it up to experience and thought nothing more of it. when I checked my credit card ...

The Brick

Issue 1: First delivery was cancelled because there was a mix up. I lost a day’s wages because I had stayed home to accept delivery. Issue 2: Second delivery - the dryer was dented. I lost ANOTHER DAY’S WAGES because I had stayed home to accept the delivery. Issue 3: We went to hook up the ...