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Telco INC
Fake Sweepstakes Winning

My step-son got me to seach out the information on a check he received through the mail for a sweeptakes he had won. I was directed to this site and noticed a report from Teeangle out of Tennessee. The information matched his to a tee. The winning numbers, the receipt number, and claim number. You ...

Telco Inc
Fake Sweepstakes Winnnings

On Nov.19, 2008 I received a letter from this company telling me that I had won "The Mega Millions Draw Sweepstakes" on Aug.15, 2008 for the sum of 250, 000.00. Claim # CF6155-091 My reciept# 774-88713KN Winning numbers drawn # 21-17-34-48-26. Along with this letter was inclosed a check ...

Telco Incorporated
First I feel very discussed and humilated with what they try to do with people, especially these times the nation is going thru. Our economy is really terrible, peolpe are losing their homes, jobs and families., AB

TELCO INCORPORATED 8817-Pallisades Ave. Calgary, AB Canada Tel: 1-778-316-4411 Claim number: CF 6155-091 Final Notice: We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the third category winners of 'The Mega Millions Draw' held on March 25, 2008. Your RECIEPT with serial number 774-88 713KN which ...