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Hewlett Packard HP took my dv 6000 with known mother board issue for repair and called me back 10 days after i sent it in telling me they recieved my unit with a broken/cracked LCD screen

My Dv 6000 was bought in Toronto and worked fine for a year. Strangely, soon after 14 months the wireless card wouldn't function. This was due to a manufacturing defect on HP's part and was covered under their warranty, soon enough my motherboard itself became faulty and my notebook would not boot. ...

Hewlett Packard HP
Held laptop until warranty expired, then sent it back without reparing it, then refusing warranty and case agent won't return call over 14 months

I purchased my laptop, HP dv 2000 approximately 2 years ago now. It was working fine, except it would unexpectedly turn off on battery power and not restart without AC power. Then 10 months into using the product, the pin that connects to the charger started malfunctioning until it stopped working ...

Hewlett Packard
Danny Oduro-Benefo HP wouldn't honour a $500 extended warranty until I fought, then lost my computer, destroyed it, then lost it AGAIN. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM Hewlett Packard!!

I bought an HP Media Center PD Mod, m7170n two years ago, then the nightmare began. The computer crashed on 8 occasions requiring the re-installation of all my programs at around 30 hours each time. I called tech support who kept telling me to re-install Windows XP each time. The first time I ...