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Address: 420 Main Street East, Suite 446
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Enekes/Paquette, Melanie/Varab, Mark
Promised a work from home job with Enekes as phone tech support. Sent personal info and money order for $75 bucks. No replies to my e-mails or phone calls now

Pretty much same as above. Ad in Indiana newspaper for tech support reps for Enekes. I applied and received an e-mail from Melanie Paquette stating that I had the position if I was interested. I accepted and sent personal info and money order for $75 US dollars. I have not heard back from them and ...

Fraudulent Job offe

I read the last 9 reports against this company, I to have so far been a victim of this fraudulent Job offer from Enekes/Hot Deals Canada. I sent my personal information but fortaintly it was sent back to me because I spelled that address wrong. I sent the $75 and it did not come back to me (funny ...

Ripoff bogus job offe

Like the others I received the job offer, $40k a year to work from home. All I had to do was send in my $75 and all my personal information. I did some snooping first. Man, what a pathetic web site for a company that's been in business for 9 years as a full service web hosting and development firm. ...

Bogus job offe

I sent responded to ad in Arizona Republic for Help Desk Agent. I received an email from 'Mark' asking that I fill out a questionnaire. Fortunately it did not ask for personal information. I received a voice mail from 'Lisa'. I called back, but there was no answer. Fortunately I searched for ...