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Address: 2216 West Mountain Drive, Niagara Falls ON L2E 2W8
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Jacob Financial Group
Consumer's Reward Program Lottery Jacob Financial Group Just like others I have received a check for $3, 900 for applicable tax for these people Niagara Falls

On September 16, 2008 I received the same letter that I ahve read about here on The letter told me I had won $38, 000 and included a check for $3, 900 for tax purposes. After reading the other letters on Ripoff I discovered it is the same letter with the same exact winning ...

Jacob Financial Group, Gerry Diaz And Teresa Waston
, Jacob Diaz is up to NO GOOD they sent me a letter in the mail with a bad check for 3, 900 dollars They also told me i was approve for a lump sum of 38, 000 dollars.the Ontario

I received a letter from Gerry Diaz and Teresa Watson stating that I won the Consumer's Reward Program Lottery that was held on August 9, 2008. They informed me that I will receive a payment of $38, 000. I received a check with the letter for that amount. I tried to cash it and I was told that the ...