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Abberstar Fast Freight
Abberstar-Lillies Leaf - Kennedy Leasing-Kennedy Transportation. I have peaked the interest of the OPP commercial crime unit... I need a victims list...!

You may not even know it... The scam is slick, and you are so embarraced about your trucking business failure that you just want to put it behind you...

Kennedy leases you a truck $10, 000.00 to $20, 000.00 down payment. (DP)
Kennedy puts your truck in Abberstar fleet...
Abberstar tells you about big numbers for deliveries..
Abberstar over charges you for their brokerage services.
Abberstar also overcharges you for pickup or delivery service.
Freight picked up or dropped off on their dock is getting a delivery charge.

Load example:

Going down...

12 skids (full load) 4 deliveries in Mass: 4 @ $450.00 = $1, 800.00 gross.
less 30% brokerage charge...-540.00
less pickup charges 4@ $120.00...-480.00
less bridge/tolls ...-120.00
less fuel... 600 miles@ 6 mpg =100Gal ...-450.00
Less truck pmt pro rated @20 working days per mth...-210.00
Less repairs maintainence... 0.23 cents per mile...-138.00
less fuel card charge
less GPS tracking system
less fuel tax accounting
less cell phone...-70.00

Your cost to deliver a load in Mass...$2, 008.00

So you took $208.00 out of your pocket to deliver Abberstar's freight... (going down)

Comming back :

Mass to Toronto... $1, 200 back is a high and rare number...
Gross on three picks @ 4 skids per pick...$1, 200.00
Less 30% brokerage charge...-360.00
less bridge and tolls...-120.00
less fuel...-450.00
less truck... pro rated @20 actual working days...-120.00
Less maintainence...-138.00
less freight delivery charges..Drop on Abberstar dock...-480.00
less GPS cell fuel ETC...-70.00

Your actual cost to race back home to pick up more freight...$1, 738.00


You just lost $746.00 in one round trip run for Abberstar Fast Freight... and you have not paid yourself a single penny...

Soon you will be broke, and the other son at Kennedy leasing or Amex Leasing will repo your truck for the next victim...


Company: Abberstar Fast Freight

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga
Address: winston churchill drive

Category: Shops, Products, Services

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March 31, 2017 03:04 PM
I recognize the load mentioned above, as I was the driver. I know who the writer was, and out of respect for this diligent and honest man I'll respect his anonymity. While his business was failing, the company that set him up originally, already had another "victim" being set up. This I know, because I also worked for him. Another hard working man that would also lose everything because of this "setup". I'm completely dumbfounded as to how M.T.O and the Province has allowed these scams to continue! Are there no regulations in force to effectively shield these poor business owners from the obvious fraud being pushed upon them? As a driver for BOTH, I also saw the "short-side" of things myself, when you consider the time and distance travelled for the owners of the companies. Sometimes, $425 in a pay period was a blessing.(and I was NO SLOUCH as an east coast driver) But seeing as these were new start ups, many of the drivers swallowed the bullet in hopes of better times, once these businesses started to become firmly established. As luck would have it, this NEVER happens, as the perpetrators of this fraud have already sought out another victim, and the places already set up, suffer dramatically. Physically, emotionally and especially FINANCIALLY!
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