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Sutherland Models/Modelwork are SCAMS
Sutherland Models / Modelwork are SCAMS and NOT legitimate modeling agencies!!!



I went to Sutherland and went through their modeling "school" program, and it was not worth a penny!

A legitimate agency does not require YOU to pay ANYTHING up front!!! I cannot stress this enough! Any agency that earns any income from modeling schools and such is a big fat SCAM!!!

I thought Sutherland might be an exception so I went for it. Now i know that there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the upfront fees rule.

When I was first being interviewed by an "agent", she told me that at the end of the course they have a "huge fashion show where they invite tons of international agents and local designers/photographers/magazine people"

Then at the end of the course you do a pathetic runway show in that tiny little runway room you sit in for 10 weeks!!! and guess what? no agents/photographers or ANYTHING! It's just a "let's invite the parents" night.

And then that horrible photoshoot you do is $400 ON TOP of what you payed for the course, (like 6 or 700 or something).

ModelWork does NOT book you jobs. They occasionally hold auditions at the agency and it's your "responsibility" to call THEM and ask if there's any auditions soon applicable to you.

A good agency calls YOU about available jobs for YOU, and then they send you out to an audition. See? ModelWork is inefficient and backwards because they don't intend for you to get any work after you do the course. An agency's responsibility is to book YOU jobs, not the other way around.

ModelWork is not even mentioned ANYWHERE on Sutherland's website, which implies that it's not something they want unsuspecting teens to see before they take their money: p

Being perfectly honest, the second last week of class the "teacher" handed us our ModelWork contracts, and I asked her what the process of getting actual jobs was like. She seemed COMPLETELY shocked and like I had thrown her a curve ball because I asked her that. Then after she mumbled a bunch of stuff that didn't make any sense because even SHE doesn't know how ModelWork works!!! cause they don't care about ModelWork, they only care about the process of getting your money from the course!

And if that hasn't swayed you enough, the jobs ModelWork provides for a select few models are all done FOR FREE!!! you don't earn anything!!!

Trust me, the best agencies in Toronto are ELITE, FORD, and NEXT!!!

If you are tall, skinny, and have a unique look, you've got a good chance at making it with those 3 agencies.

I hope I've helped anyone questioning Sutherland at the moment, PLEASE do not waste a second more of your time there. I know it's a good self-esteem boost to feel like "Oh I'm at a modeling agency." But you'll end up with even less self-esteem if you stay till the end when you realize, I've been scammed.

I literally did not learn a single thing from their school. They bring in some horrible makeup artist who just tells you "Put on foundation, coverup and powder." No insider tricks, no nothing!

Then they make you do a photoshoot with this god awful photographer who gives you NO direction, no nothing! You could have your eyes closed and he wouldn't tell you!

Then after the shoot they don't sit down and talk with you about how you did, what you can do to improve, NOTHING! It is literally a cattle drive! You get a bit of attention at the start when they butter you up to pay for their courses, then after that you're just part of a group of 10 people with no individual attention AT ALL!!!

Then what they don't tell you at the start is that "ModelWork" is a completely different agency from Sutherland that they put the "graduates" in, cause that "agency" gets no attention cause they know that none of the people in there are capable of being models. They take your money and throw you into this blackhole (ModelWork).

I was pissed off with Sutherland's incompetance so I went to Elite who told me I was "great, international, european, nice body, great skin/hair, great face" but that I looked slightly too young so they wanted me to come back in 6 months. They gave me their card and everything.

At Elite they also told me that you should NEVER pay for anything upfront, and that they have GREAT relationships with agencies around the world and once I sign with them they try to sign me with other agencies IMMEDIATELY.

Sutherland told me that they have no ties with ANY agencies, and that you need to work for them for a YEAR before you can go to another agency... hmmm... SCAM?

The agents at Elite were also EXTREMELY professional, honest, formal, and informative, whereas the agencts at Sutherland were all childish, unprofessional, and withholding of information.

To all those people who are going to reply to this saying, "Sutherland is legitimate, how dare you tarnish Sutherland's name.", I WENT THROUGH SUTHERLAND'S PROGRAM MYSELF!!! and guess what? it SUCKS! me and everyone on the internet have the right and duty to expose this SCAM for what it is, because we went through it and have the right to rate this "company's" product.

To anyone going through this program and reading this right now, STOP GOING! You are NOT an exception to the scam. Sutherland has NO plans for you in the future. You have a whole life ahead of you and DO NOT let your dignity be taken away by this degrading process!

Trust me and hundreds of others who have been through this, this is a:


This is a former model talking about what a typical modeling SCAM is. And Sutherland does every single one of these things!!! v=0C1rYgaQlt4&feature=channel v=12rkTF1GTTY v=QqdyeXR99Ew&feature=channel v=rXJ5JP3ljiU&feature=channel


Company: Sutherland Models/Modelwork are SCAMS

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