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John Sorbera, Remax Realty Enterprises, Remax Hallmark Beaches Toronto
One Dishonest Agent, misleads clients, lies to clients, cheats clients Mississauga

I just read the report here about John Sorbera. I had no idea this site existed, what a great idea! We too had a horrible experience with John Sorbera. I was helping a girlfriend look for an agent in the Beaches here in Toronto and wondered if John Sorbera was still at his game. I wanted to show her who not to use or buy from. I thought he had left the business but he's managed to find another office to lure his prey to. I can't belive this guy hasn't been shut down.

My husband and I almost used John Sorbera to purchase our home.

John was the lsiting agent on the home. We were very skeptical of John as he constantly seemed to have ALL the answers with respect to the home. And the answers always seemed to favour what John knew we wanted to hear. An obvious sign there may have been something up with this John character.

The home we were very interested in was quite old but with some modifications and clean up work that looked to be done over a number of years. We initially put an offer on the home with some conditions which had to do with the materials (UFFI insulation etc.) and some other safety (mold & mildew concerns). John assured us the entire home had been inspected by a "certified" inspector, he knew personally and recommended to the home owner.

We didn't know much about homes but didn't believe the work on the home was recent or performed by a preofessional. It just looked okay but not great.
Although we felt better putting the conditions in the offer anyway and having our home inspector look over the property. John Sorbera was insistent it was not necessary that the home was fine and 'he would gurantee it'.

My husband insisted with John. Mr Sorbera did absolutely everything to avoid our conditions in the offer saying it would tie up the deal and could delay closing. I explained to John after a number of calls that we had two small children (3 and 5) and a healthy home was really the most important factor for our family.

Sure enough the offer was accepted with the conditions. What a nightmare dealing with this man. Our inspection company found numerous safety, mold and UFFI issues that were not disclosed to us. When we met with John we pointed out these items and all he could say was "I have to go by what the homeowner tells me". "I really can't be sure of anything when it comes to these things".

A complete turn a round from what he told us at our home the night of the offer. This man was a pure liar and manipulator. He had no concerns for the safety of our family (or any for that matter) primarily our children. After this we found a credible agent with professionalism and integrity who found us our home we presently live in. It was a completely different experience when you have an agent looking out for your best interests and not their own. You can feel the difference.

John Sorbera is a deceitful, lying, manipulative agent. We contacted the RECO board and his office, neither could do anything about the incident nor did they sound like they cared. What a shame this guy is allowed to sell real estate in this country. AVOID JOHN SORBERA AT ALL COSTS!!!

Toronto, Ontario



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