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Ashra Spells
Spell work

I hired Ashra and paid her over $1000.00 to do various spell work for me. As of this date (2 years later) NONE of the spells have manifested. Not one single one. She claims that she recast them and also sent them to her MENTOR but NOTHING has manifested. I have written her each month for 2 years ...

Sylvia Browne
Chris Dufresne

I recently had a reading with Chris Dufresne. Words won't even do justice to tell you how Severely dissapointed I was with his reading. Within only the first few minutes I realized I had made a huge mistake and that I was being scammed. The reading lasted no more than 10 minutes. He was so fake and ...


A simple stop at a gas station or near a bank is living proof of how many people idle!!! It is unfair and disrespectful to the citizens and to the environment! The government should completely outlaw unnecessary idling . Idling of any form is not worth the amount of air contaminated .I have ...