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Rostie Group
Professional Scams

So I rented an office with one the Rostie Group's people named "Jasmin" . She agreed on a certain price for the office rent and any other services that comes with it included in the price. Then from the first month I was seeing addditional charges that I am using the boardrooms, long distance on my ...

Meritage Management
Torrenza Dev. and Sierra Clu

We have again been contacted by a company wishing to purchase our Torrenza timeshare in Mazatlan on behalf of a corporate buyer who is unnamed. The company contacting us is Maritage Management in Salt Lake City but we assume this is a scam the same as all the Sierra proposals and others we have ...

Lyle. A Fee
Harrasser, poor landlord

We rented a townhouse from this man and everything was fine . He calls just to find out how you are doing "creepy" and as well he stalks you he lives in Calgary but he has a minion that does his dirty work... And are very rude and won't stop calling you and wants to know all your life. He has no ...