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Resort Villas
Vacation ownership

From reading some of the other sites, we were not aware of a 5-year trial membership @ 1, 500.00 - instead we got pressured into buying into their membership program for over $8, 000 in 2009. The two people in Owner Relations (David and Roula) never even mentioned this trial offer to us. Besides ...

Azuria Group
Do not rent

Do not ever consider renting from this group of properties. This complaint is specifically about 450 Walmer Road. The ONLY thing that this place has going for it is the location (which is why we took it). It's less than a 5 minute walk from St. Clair West subway station. 1. The building managment ...

Nacel Properties
Rental Run around

What manager? we have lived in the Nacel building at 250 E 15th for more then 365 days... we have met more then 12 new managers who have lasted no more then 5 or 7 days each! and now, to mix with the slum type atmosphere...MICE, RODENTS...VERMIN...AND WHEN BROUGHT UP IN FRONT OF MANAGEMENT AND ...