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20/20 Phone Card
Phone card didn't work

I bought a 20/20 phone card worth $10 from a Petrocan station with which to call Italy because the cashier recommended the 20/20 international calling card as one of the best. I tried using it 6 times, each time going through the full process of calling the local access number, entering my PIN, and ...

Accurate Stitching
Paid but no work done

I got my jeans back a few weeks ago but I noticed they were still long. I came back and mentioned the problem. They told me that they were not the ones who worked on my jeans and the jeans I'm showing is still factory stitched! I was surprised by this. That would mean that I paid for my jeans, got ...

Bad Drive

I was parked illegally outside a bank but not obstructing traffic or other parked cars. A UPS driver pulled up right behind me within one foot of my car blocking me in. He was parked illegally. He ran in the building and 5 minutes later came out with 2 large parcels. I said nothing but he initiated ...