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Volvo of Oakville: AVOID

I took my car to Volvo of Oakville to be serviced in advance of a drive to Winnipeg. I was informed there was a defective part called the "belly pan" which was removed without notice or consent. They were unable to replace the part because it was not in stock, however I was told it would ...

Elemental Data
Elemental Data Collection Inc

Conditions at Elemental Data Collection are a severe example of everything that is wrong with employer attitudes in 2013 North America. I normally take reviews on sites such as this with a grain of salt. But this is one situation where you should 100% take heed of these comments and not consider ...

Kobo Books
Awaiting refund

I paid and downloaded an ebook from the Kobo Books platform on the 5th September 2013. After about 3 compliant e-mails, I still haven't received a solution or refund from Kobo. The problem is that after download, that only the first few pages could be accessed and then the e-book just stopped at ...