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Galerie Concorde
Art Fraud directed towards medical professionals

For starters I have never been scammed before and would have guessed that I would have won powerball before it happened to me....I am not easily convinced of anything by anyone.....unfortunately I am a bit of a risk taker in regards to my investing...this is where I got into trouble with Galerie concorde!

My story is almost identical to others on who have filled reports...though not out a ton...I am out around 700$ and I am pestered every couple months with some offer "chance of a lifetime", RECENTLY, I was lucky enough to win a 21, 000 dollar painting that I only had to pay 2000$ for, I not so politely declined as usual, I was so lucky that I was the lotto winner this peice a 1 in 19, 000 chance I was told, he even went as far as to tell me I should be buying lotto tickets LOL...

In 2005 or 06 John Tolson from the Galerie contacted me at work (I am a pharmacist) randomly one day and asked if I had any interest in art investing..I thought what the heck...though skeptical.. I agreed to purchase a Guy Begin painting. An entry level painting he said...he was dissapointed I would not bite on the high dollar paintings. After I turned him down on some prints he wanted 20K for he set me up with the Begin.

Unknown to him, I first checked the better Business bureau of Quebec and they were clean at that service and then called the Guy Begin gallery to get an idea of the prints value. Though I was to pay a touch more than the Begin gallery was saying it was worth I decided that the framing probably accounted for that difference and so I went ahead pulled the trigger on the purchase. I fiigured the worst I would be out was ~700$...turns out that was exactly what I was out!!! At least I have the painting as a reminder to be ever vigilent of easy money.

John Tolson promised that I would easily be able to double my money in approx 1 years time, he even gave me the date the print would go to auction in Japan...the japanese love Begin I was told. The auction date came and went, I called John, he said Guy had to cancel the event due to illness...I called Begin Gallery to verify...he of course was healthy as a horse! Same scenarion happened twice more...with the auction date supposebly being pushed back with other various excuses from John. He did assure me that my print was now worth 1600 $ and in 3rd is always going up never down in value .

Eventually, I chewed John a new one, at this point I knew he was a liar as I had caught him in several leis and on top of that I discovered ans saw some similar stories about ]Galerie!

A month or so later Nigel Goddard Called me to apoligize for John's Behavior informing me he had been fired for lack of sales and questiuonable behavior...of course I had already read about Nigel on consumer complaints and new better....the lies these guys come of with are very elaborate and unfortunately they have a hard time keeping them straight even. I could see how they would be convincing to some though! I new deep down right off the bat that I may be getting scammed, but for 700$ I decided it would be worth the was not. I am not out thousands like others have reported and I am thankful, but still I was scammed and I figure I should warn others that may be more willing to send tens of thousands of dollars to this company. They will even ask for your credit card # to pay for the prints. I only gave them a cashiers check fortunatley.

More about Nigel, he said he was kicka**, get things done broker and to be ready for some changes and to make some money. I played along and of course in his 5 calls or so he has offered me more chances of a lifetime, once in a decade bargains from 2K all the way up to 21K than a person deserves..LOL . I have told him repeatably not to bother calling me until he can tell me that a check is on the way....he still calls with great offers at least for my Guy Begin Print, its still in 3rd position, but its worth 1800$ now....I bet Guy Begin himself doesn't know that..LOL!!!! Its almost worth the 700$ just here how grand these pathological liars can make up a story. I may have to get out my tape recorder and keep some on file for when I need a good laugh.-

Oh, they also tell you not to report profits to the IRS, because that is between you and them????? The list goes on in regards to shady behavior.

I am curious why Quebec BBB does not have any reports listed against them????? Also Guy Begin Gallerie which is in Canada claims not to have even heard of Galerie least the few people I talked with.

Hope people googe-ling galerie concorde before they get suckered. This site was not around when I bought into the least nothing about galerie concorde. It appears more reports are being filed all the time for Galerie Concorde. Hope this report helped at least one professional avoid a headache!
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Offender: Galerie Concorde

Country: Canada   Province: Quebec   City: Montreal
Address: galerieconcorde. com
Phone: 8009147575

Category: Miscellaneous


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