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The LIST of psychics i went to on the Kasamba site

Since others have compile a list of psychics who gave false hopes to those who was lost, i too went to check my history and compile my own list to warn others. I tried to list the experience i have with them but it got to the point where i just got too tired. The bottom line is NONE of these psychics had predicted true for me nor were they accurate of any sort. I started visiting in January when my ex dumped me during the holidays.

Over the past year i've visted these psychics in order with some i've return to for clarification since at that time they sound truthful. Some psychics listed may have been true for others but in my case, my experience at Kasamba was nothing but a lie, disappointment and drives various people into more debt, more addiction and more sadness when things don't unfold like the psychics says. Of course i've also visted Keen but that list, will also be coming on the way so for those of you who wants to visit psychics, do as your own risk. Compare your notes.

I've also included their ratings, and how many comments they got to get that rating to let you all compare.

Professor Greenleaf $2.50 (4.48 stars 3466reviews)
-generic reading, need a moment to connect, didnt tell me anything during connection time and then ask me to hire. He gave he simple answers like he will be around you, he cares for you but just needs time. Needless to say nothing came true.

Spiritual Goddess $2.88 (4.63 stars 1506 reviews)
-went to this one several times as her timeframes were the closest so it got my hopes up. When I went back to her a couple days later to ask why there was no contact she kept pushing the dates back. She basically just kept me on the strings so I can cling on to whatever hope she was creating for me. This one will keep you going back to her.

Bries Psychic Eye 0.75 (3.7 stars 23 reviews)
-said all the pretty things like, he will call you, he will come back to you etc. She was one big joke. If you want someone to tell you what you like to hear go to her.

Badzodiac psy astrologer $1.17 (4.53 stars 5432 reviews)
-this guy was a joke! Kept saying about our departure was due to planets colliding with each other and such and after Valentines day he will make a come back.

Master psychic Havana 0.75 (4.45 stars 1516 reviews)
-talk crap like karma brought us together, negative energy pulling up apart and there was an evil woman spreading rumours. You cant be faker than that.

Mystical reader 0.95 (4.28 stars 129 reviews)
-said there were big distractions, thing will pick up in March. She gave a timeframe and it never came to pass.

Golden eye $6.05 (4.48 stars 6945 reviews)
-You would think with her experience on Kasamba this one might be a good one. NOTHING came true. I went back, gave another timeframe you see where this Is going?

Spiritual Bianca $8.99 (4.44 stars 1978 reviews)
Kachina $3.99 (4.93 stars 284 reviews)
-nice lady, nothing came to pass

Lady Kathryn $4.50(4.99 stars 1246 reviews)
-nice lady, recommended by Kachina and again, nothing came to pass

Raven franks $9.99 (4.95 stars 3800 reviews)
-This one again gives you false hopes and keeps pushing the timeframe back.

Safa fina $7.99 (4.76 stars 2388 reviews)
-ok she is HORRIBLE! Gave me a timeframe and it didnt come true at all. She BULLIES you to get a rating. Extremely rude.

The high priestess $9.95 (4.95 stars 1388 reviews)
-She is very nice. At some point she really might be genuinely caring but NOTHING she said came to pass AT ALL. This one I went to her several times but she does seems to care but then again, as the list goes one I dont know what to believe anymore.

Ms. Crystal ball $6.99 (4.84 stars 1533 reviews)
-I emailed her that the timeframe wasnt true and she responded with due to call volume I dont response to emails.

Angelique888 $5.99 (4.78 stars 1268 reviews)
The wizard star $6.99 (4.99 stars 3834 reviews)
-OK she is a true scam. I think she has a list or something and when she doesnt have info. On you she denies your reading saying you have bad aura I cannot read you till you are cleanse. OK so I went back to her a couple days later as she told me not to have other readings with others and lo and behold to find her she had blocked me. I didnt spend any money on this one but at least I know their tactics.

Accurate psychic guidance $9.99 (4.78 stars 918 reviews)
One good soul (4.90 stars 1660 reviews)
Msfaith uk (4.62 stars 1479 reviews)
The angel whisperer $9.99 (4.98 stars 778 reviews)
Psychic destiny $1.98 (4.79 stars 1360 reviews)
In2itiveSpirit (4.94 stars 543 reviews)
Ann Marie 2.58 (4.45 stars 444 reviews)
Love_tarot_888 2.87 (4.81 stars 16 reviews)
Soulmates reunited (aka. One True Soul) $14.70 (4.73 stars 361 reviews)
Psychic Sabrina 1.98 (4.75 stars 241 reviews)
Cristal visions $1.32 (4.75 stars 578 reviews)
Scarlet star 0.99 (4.59 stars 335 reviews)
Vibrant starlight $3.99 (4.87 stars 627 reviews)
Lady_loreena 0.98 (4.78 stars 55 reviews)

Psychic andi no longer on site
-she told me I will find a another guy and kept telling me all the great things about this NEW guy that I will meet in April and I will have choices.

The Silent Strider 0.85 (4.43 stars 432 reviews)
-in his tarot reading he said Im somewhat of a bitch to my ex. When he describes the ex and I it was TOTALLY OFF!!!! COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.

NYC psychic michelle $1.99 (4.63 stars 233 reviews)
Shelli-ann $1.75 (4.87 stars 644 reviews)
-this one was recommended by ms.laura and again, nothing came to pass at all.

Ms.laura $3.89 (4.78 stars 1760 reviews)
-she is very nice. Actually she was recommended BUT NOTHING came to pass at all. Just another false hope.

David-James $7.60 (4.86 stars 12627 reviews)
-He is VERY impressive for having so much reviews and you thought he would be accurate. At least he didn't tell me the ex is coming back. But what he predicted never came to pass ....and it's been half a year.

The Mystic Solution $8.00 (4.87 stars 622 reviews)
-SHE WAS EXPENSIVE!!! of course NOTHING came to pass....spent $80 on this one only to get false hopes. Stay away from this one if you want to keep your money.
Lady Danu $7.50 (4.83 stars 237 reviews)

Gypsy Raven $2.99 (4.73 stars 2432 reviews)
-She was right about the ex not coming back and i will not have to deal with him again. She said i will need a guy in 7 months which i far what she had said has come to pass but the main part i will have to wait in a couple years. She was the only few ones that told me not to cling on to the past and told me the brutal truth.

Mystic junita $1.99 (4.61 stars 182 reviews)
-this one is a joke. I asked a question about the ex and she didn't response. She hung up on me!!! The reading hasn't even begin yet so i emailed her that i can certainly take rejections. If you don't want to read just say so no need to be so unprofessional.
Readings With Juli $2.99 (4.75 stars 608 reviews)

That was the end of my psychic saga at Kasamba.....I will have another list for Keen. The reason i compile the list was to wake myself up as well to stop spending money on these fakers. You can actually save alot of money for a VERY good trip. If only i knew at that time....i would rather go on a vacation to mend a broken heart then to blow money like that.

Good Luck,

Waterloo, Ontario
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Offender: Kasamba

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Waterloo

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