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I was thinking to take paralegal courses when i found this Everest college in the list of approved colleges in Toronto... I completed online application at the website and that is where all my problems begins, this MDFKRs keep calling me from number 1 (720)684-4077 and not speaking, hanging up on ...


Sorry for being anonymous, but no one will write about cheating experience under his own name. Being of sound mind and body, of course. LOL! Recently, because of some unforeseeable circumstances I was about to use an essay writing service. I made a quick check on the Internet to see whether there ...

Brixton University
Life Experience Degree

I wish to share my experience about Brixton University it is my hope this post well serve as a severe warning for those that peruse a life experience degree through Brixton University. First of all, this school does not exist. It is a company called Global Business Group. On or about January 20th, ...